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Argoflex Forty
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Argoflex Forty / aka Argus 40   1950-1954

Advertising brochure from the Argus Collectors Group site

More photos made with the Argoflex Forty are on my blog.

The user manual is at the Butkus site.

Instructions for cleaning the viewfinder.
The Argoflex Forty resembles quite of few other simple cameras of the time from Argus, Kodak and others. On closer examination, though, it is seen to be a very capable performer, with more sophisticated features than any of the others in its class. The full-focusing lens is a hard-coated f4.5, 3-element Anastigmat with stops down to f22. The shutter speeds range from 25 to 150 plus B. Advancing the film turns off the double-exposure prevention feature to permit releasing the shutter. There is an over-ride lever available for intentional multiple exposures on the same frame. The camera lacks the rangefinding capability of an actual twin-lens reflex, but the brilliant viewfinder makes it a real pleasure to shoot, expecially in low light conditions.
      Earlier Argoflexes would accept either 120 or 620 rollfilm, but the post-war models will not accomodate the 120 cartridges, so re-rolling 120 onto 620 spools is the only option for shooting this camera. The same camera will often be found carrying the name, "Argus 40", with only small cosmetic differences from the Argoflex Forty.

Images from the Argoflex Forty






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