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Olympus 35 RC
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It is hard to escape the thought that the Olympus 35 RC represents the ultimate evolutionary development of the classic 35mm rangefinder. The camera has been reduced in size to the absolute minimum consistent with functionality and a full feature set. The shutter-priority automation afforded by the CdS cell in the lens mount provides just enough help to assure reliable exposures. The f2.8/42mm E.Zuiko lens yields astonishing contrast and sharpness. The visual impact of the images coming from the camera seems out of all proportion to its size.
    Like most Japanese cameras of the era, the little Olympus when acquired recently is likely to need new light seals. While the batteries originally specified for the camera are no longer available, it is possible to use small 1.4 volt hearing aide batteries; they may need the addition of an o-ring to fill out the space, and possibly a bit of folded aluminum foil to make a good contact. Unlike most cameras with coupled auto-exposure capability, the Olympus meter is quite easy to adjust when needed, and is accessed through the bottom plate. As is so often the case, Rick Oleson's service notes are indispensible. An illustrated guide to the complete disassembly of the camera is available at the Kiev Survival Site.

The user manual for the 35 RC is available on line.
Olympus 35RC (1970)
Some sample photos from the camera:




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