Recommended Reading 2/15/19

There’s been a lot of crowdfunded photography related projects lately, many of which attempt to introduce new cameras or other photographic tools of questionable value, but this latest is one that I could actually see myself trying out.  It’s a dark room timer that not only keeps track of time, but can keep track of temperatures, and remember previous development cycles for easy repeatability.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks gorgeous!

Here are more great posts from some of my favorite sites:

As much as I love film photography, digital photography is not going away.  When it comes to current events shaping the world, I really don’t expect to see a lot of film use.  One exception to this are the hauntingly beautiful images of the French “yellow jacket” protests by 22 year old photographer Clement Marion who captured a series of images using a Minolta SRT-100X.  Kosmo Foto shared a brief Q&A session along with several of Marion’s images.

The last decade has seen a huge number of film emulsions disappear, but one of those emulsions, Kodak Ektachrome E100 has come back and Theo at Photo Thinking takes a look at what the film can do on his Nikon F3.

I have lusted after a Nikon F100 for quite some time, and for a brief moment, actually had one, but a shutter fault on it rendered it a quick flip.  Still, the Nikon F100 represents a pinnacle of Nikon’s film SLR history of sorts.  Its a very high quality, semi-pro film camera, with a body design and conveniences of the digital era.  Casual Photophile takes a look at this camera and declares it an “Ultimate Value”.

This week Kosmo Foto announced a new medium format lineup of their Kosmo Foto Mono and as with their 35mm lineup, they’ve got some great packaging to go with it!  Pre-orders are being taken now for planned delivery in May!

Jim Grey at Down the Road takes a look at the No. 2 Kodak Brownie.  While this is a camera I’ve shot and reviewed before, it’s always good to see other people’s take on it, not to mention Jim’s knack for capturing Route-66-esque images of Indiana, the same state I live in!

I generally try to stay out of political discussions and keep my site upbeat, but with yesterday being the 1 year anniversary of the Parkland School Shooting, the New York Times takes a look back at the last year and the many ways those who went through it had their lives changed, but more importantly, didn’t change.  This can’t keep happening, folks.

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