Zeiss Historica (1979 – 2016)

Today, like-minded enthusiasts gather together in virtual chat rooms, message boards, and online groups using social media.  If you have a passion for Corelle dishware, antique board games, or 1980 Chevrolet Citations, there’s going to be a group for you.

Back in 1979, it wasn’t so easy.  If you wanted to socialize and collaborate with other people with the same interests as you, you had to seek them out through classifieds in magazines, local church groups, or simply, word of mouth.

This is how the story of the Zeiss Historica Society began…

Introduction by Larry Gubas (November 2019)

The year was 1979, and Tom Schreiner was a upstate New York media consultant who had a strong Germanic bent.  There had long been a Leica Society and he felt that Zeiss was just as important if not more so.  Tom started to contact folks via the local photo societies, people who posted want ads in the Shutterbug magazine and local used photo shows that seemed to surround the larger US cities.

This group photo, taken in August 1989 at Zeiss Historica’s annual meeting at Carl Zeiss headquarters in Oberkochen, Germany.

Tom set up a primary meeting in Toronto and an organizational meeting in Rochester in 1979.  He published a set of pamphlets following each meeting, and during the Rochester meeting organized the society and elected officers.  Tom Schreiner felt that he had done his part in the original organization and did not stand for office but encouraged others to do so.

From the beginning, most of the members were photo enthusiasts but there were also people who collected Microscopes, Binoculars, Astronomical Instruments, Military Devices and catalogs while others were interested in company history and personalities.  The firm’s organization and sister/merger firms expand the initial perspective.  We produced our first magazine format journal soon after at the initiative of Randall Scheid of Toronto, but he did not survive an automobile accident and Bill Stone stepped in to publish articles from interested members on all sorts of subjects.  We published twice yearly at first at 16 pages, and grew to 28 pages and added color to the cover under the next editor, Dr. John Scott.  We also published high quality copies of interesting Zeiss catalogs and documents.

We grew from 20 interested folks to nearly 500 on an international basis and attracted competent and knowledgeable authors.  We survived with paying members until 2016 when Father Time gradually took most of our members from us and we ran out of authorities.  We were still financially sound but decided to not continue publication of a product not worthy of our subject.  Our two remaining officers were now 77 and 80+ years of age.

Larry Gubas was a charter member of Zeiss Historica in 1979.  Along the way he was an Archivist, Secretary, Editor, and in 2001, became the President, a role he held until the group’s end.

Table of Contents

Below is a list of major topics from all 73 issues of Zeiss Historica.  They were produced from 1979 to 2016 when the group was dissolved.  The first two issues from 1979 and 1980 were called “Folios” and are indicated as such.  In every year between 1981 and 2016, there was a Spring and a Fall issue, except in 2014 which only had a single Spring/Fall issue.

At about 25 pages each, there’s over 1,800 pages of information compiled by Larry and other Zeiss historians for members in the Zeiss Historica Society.  The people who wrote the articles in each Zeiss Historica newsletter were experts in their particular area, and in most cases, witnessed the “golden era” of Zeiss-Ikon first hand.  Sadly, as people tend to do, many of them have since passed away and these articles are the only remnants of these stories available on the Internet today.

In early 2019, I talked to Larry Gubas who was the last President of the Zeiss Historica Society and got his blessing for sharing this information online.  His only request was to make it freely available and that I don’t charge anything for it.  Larry has been a Zeiss historian for a large part of his life and is considered by many to be an authority on all things Zeiss.

If you are interested in more of Larry’s work, I strongly recommend checking out his 890 page hard cover book, Zeiss and Photography. This book is the culmination of Larry’s lifetime worth of research into Zeiss.

Each article has it’s own page and will eventually have a searchable table of contents and short intro.  Re-typing summaries for all 73 issues has proven to be very time consuming, so as of November 2019, I have only completed a portion of the issues.  I will continue to update these as time permits.

Article Title Author Issue
Abbe: A Rare Glimpse (History) Editor Spring 1992
Ernst Abbe and the (Zeiss) Foundation (History) Takeda, S. Fall 1988
Ernst Abbe, a man ahead of his time Keller, H. E. Fall 2009
In the House that Abring Built (History) Husid, M. Fall 1992
Advertisements from the 1930’s (Cameras) Baca, J. Fall 2000
After Dresden: The migration to Jena & Kiev (cameras) Gubas, L. Spring 2001
A Zeiss Album from the Thirties (History)(Cameras Brown, J. Spring 1983
Zeiss Historica Society Annual Meeting, 2001 (History) Gubas, L. Spring 2002
Anonymous” Zeiss Ikon Cameras Gubas, L. Fall 1998
Three early Zeiss Apochromats Schulze, F. Spring 2013
Fritz Jakobsmeier – a Zeiss Apprentice Gubas, L. Spring 2004
Restoring an ANSALVENLO Telescope Gould, J. Spring 1987
The Aseros Gubas. L; Spring 2013
The Astro Department (Telescopes) Gubas, L. Fall 1998
The Astronomical Department’s First Catalog – 1899 Grossman, N. Fall 1990
Felix Auerbach  (Author of the Zeissworks and Ernst Abbe) Gubas, L. Fall 2015
Automobile Headlights from Carl Zeiss Mirsching, Dr. G Fall 1993
Automobile Turn Signals from Zeiss Speidel, D. Fall 2013
Four Pages from an 1938 Automobile Accessory Catalog Worsley, S. Fall 2013
Zeiss Ikon Baby Cameras Brown, J. Spring 1998
The Canadian $100 Banknote Schulze, F. Spring 2013
We’re certainly not afraid of Zeiss, Barr & Stroud (Binoculars) Watson, F. Spring 2002
Walter Bauersfeld (History) Gubas, L. Fall 2000
Zeiss Bausch & Lomb Binoculars (History) Neupert, P. Fall 1987
Battling Binoculars Reid, W. Fall 1995
Zeiss and Bausch & Lomb Chronology (History) Grossman, N. Spring 1987
Zeiss Bausch & Lomb Binoculars (History) Neupert, P. Fall 1987
Zeiss Ikon’s Photo Bedarf (Accessories) Gubas, L. Fall 1996
Bestellnummern Revisited (Cameras) Gubas, L. Spring 1987
Battling Binoculars Reid, W. Fall 1995
Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars Zartarian, E. Fall 1983
Important Zeiss Books (History) Gubas, L. Fall 1983
Zeiss Ikon Barometer from Goerz Gubas, L. Fall 1998
The Barringer Lens List Buck, J. Fall 2010
The Elusive Bifort Gubas, L. Fall 2016
More on Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars Zartarian, E. Fall 1988
Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars of WW II Zartarian, E. Fall 1990
Book Review – German Military Optical Technology Seeger, H. Spring 1998
Book Review – “If Only I Had My Camera” – 1939 Sheehy, T. Spring 1998
100 Years of Carl Zeiss Binoculars Zeiss Oberkochen Fall 1994
Turn-Of-The-Century Zeiss Binoculars in England Gould, J. Fall 1986
Zeiss Theater Binoculars Grossman, N. Fall 2004
Zeiss Binoculars London Debut Watson, F. Fall 1999
A Short History of Zeiss Binoculars Gubas, L. Spring 1990
More on Zeiss Binoculars Gubas, L. Fall 1991
Postwar Hand-Held Binoculars from Jena Grossman, N. Spring 1993
A New Zeiss Binocular Gubas, L. Spring 1998
Zeiss binoculars – The early years Kelly, J. Fall 2003
Zeiss Jena 10 x 70 H, an unknown member of the H binocular family Calen, B.,Seeger, H. Fall 2006
Zeiss binoculars – preferred instruments for birdwatching?? Vuilleumier, F. Spring 2007
Best “pattern binoculars” for the British Royal Flying Corps Finisio, G. Fall 2007
More Zeiss Books – Reviews (History) Gubas, L. Fall 1984
Book Review: “Zeiss Feldstecher, Handferngläser von 1894–1919” by Dr. Hans Seeger Schwartzman, F. Spring 2011
Book Review: “Zeiss Feldstecher, Handferngläser von 1819–1946” by Dr. Hans Seeger Gubas, L. Fall 2015
Carl Zeiss Jena Photo Department 1945 Report Gubas, L. Spring 2011
By Any Other Name (Cameras) Zubatkin, M. Spring 1986
California Museum of Photography (Cameras) Stone, W. Fall 1984
The Zeiss Cartel Grossman, N. Spring 1999
Zeiss Ikon Catalog Numbers (Cameras) Zubatkin, M. Spring 1982
Zeiss Ikon Camera Catalogs Gubas, L. Fall 1984
Carl Zeiss Jena Early Photo Catalogs Gubas, L. Fall 2013
Carl Zeiss Kamera (Camera) Register 1902-2012 Herrmann Spring 2013
The 1927 Zeiss Ikon Camera Catalog Gubas, L. Fall 2010
150 Years of Carl Zeiss (History) Editor Fall 1996
The Challenge of Wide-Angle Lenses in the Early Contax Barringer/Ghisetti Spring 2000
For China Worsley, S. Spring 2015
Charivari (Cameras) Brown, J. K. Fall 2000
Christie’s Catalog Surprises (Cameras) Gubas, L. Spring 1997
Cloud Projector Gubas, L. Fall 2015
The Coburg Connection Barringer, C. Fall 2005
Zeiss Codewords (Telescopes) Grossman, N. Spring 1982
Cold Weather Symbols – More Evidence (Binoculars) Husid, M. Spring 1992
Article Commentary Worlsey, S. Spring 2011
A Contaflex Prototype Kuc, H. J. Spring 1983
Two Compurs for the Contaflex I Bisschops, J. Fall 1986
More on the Contaflex I Takeda, S. Spring 1989
The Zeiss Ikon Contaflex TLR Kibbey, M. Spring 1981
The Zeiss Ikon twin lens Contaflex Kibbey,M., Barringer,C Fall 2008
Identifying Contaflex I Variations Edstrom, P. Fall 1987
Another Contaflex Curiosity Small, M. J. Spring 1995
The Contaflex and the Teleskop (Cameras) Brown, J. Fall 1997
Contaflex SLR instruction books Edstrom, P. Spring 2004
Contaflex 126: My Internet Journey Schilling, J. Fall 2005
Contaflex 126: The story continues Schilling, J. Spring 2009
Contamatic? – Bessamatic? (Cameras) Kuc,/Barringer, C. Fall 1987
Contarex prototypes Otto, B. Spring 2002
Contarex prototypes Part II Otto, B. Fall 2002
Contarex and Contax RTS, Comparing the Lenses Kämmerer, J. Spring 1992
The Contarex Super and Super Electronic Otto, B. Spring 2003
The Contarex Family of Cameras Gubas, L. Spring 2007
The Contarex Book – a review Gubas, L. Spring 2013
The Contarex Continued Gubas, L. Fall 2015
Contax CGCM Camera Grossman, N. Spring 1997
Contax Chronicle Kuc, H. J. Spring 1982
Contax I – Mysterious Version 7 Schlegel, S. Spring 1985
Contax Military Cameras Pins, R. Spring 1984
Some Contax Notes Kuc, H. J. Spring 1984
Contax SLR Cameras Kuc, H. J. Fall 1982
Zeiss Ikon Stereo Equipment for the Contax Pilecki, G. Fall 1981
Review: On the Trail of the Contax, Vol. II Gubas, L. Fall 1997
Who Invented the Contax Gubas, L. Spring 1985
Contax Curiosities Schaub, S. Spring 1985
The Black Contax II Is Not a Myth. Baumgartner, S. Fall 1991
A Black Contax II Mahler, D. Fall 1999
Another Contax Identification Method Gubas, L. Fall 1985
Contax – Clovermeter and Knurling Questions Barringer, C. Spring 1996
Identifying the Contax I Kuc, H. J. Spring 1993
An Unusual Contax I Baumgartner, Spring 2001
Other Dummy Contax I‘s Barringer, C. Fall 2001
Comparing Prewar Leica and Contax Part 1 & 2 Helm, Dr. Spring / Fall 1988
More on the Great Contax Mystery Sherman, S. Fall 1990
Pitfalls in Contax Collecting Fearn, R. Fall 1991
Contax T – Up to Date in Camera City Grossman, N. Spring 1994
A Contax – Dedicated Exposure Meter Zubatkin, M. Spring 1994
Contax – The Birth of the Name Jüttner, K. Spring 1994
In Search of the Contax IV Wehran, W. Fall 1999
Confirmation of the Contax IV Gubas, L. Fall 2004
Henry Ford II’s Contax III Kuc, H. J. Spring 1998
From draft to model: The first steps toward the Contax S Schulz, A. Spring 2002
Contax G-1: Return of the Rangefinder Stone, W. Fall 1994
Contax Prototype Viewfinder Arnz, J. & Gubas, L. Fall 2001
Prewar Contax Viewfinders (Part I) Barringer, C. Fall 1996
Prewar Contax Viewfinders (Part II) Barringer, C. Spring 1997
Postwar Contax Viewfinders Barringer, C. Spring 1997
The Jena Contax: Brief History and Spotters Guide Barringer, C. Spring 1999
The Contax IV Prototype Hennig, P & Mladek, M. Fall 2002
Pre-war Contax Prototypes Gubas, L. Fall 2016
A strange Nazi Contax Baumgartner, S. Fall 2002
A new Contax-mount rangefinder camera (Cosina) Scott, J. Spring 2003
Contax SLR cameras Alexander Schulz  (a book review) Scott, J. Fall 2003
The Trail of the Contax continues Gubas, L Spring 2005
Contax II & III film flatness Hennig, P. Spring 2005
“Hybrid Contax IIIa” and dual range exposure meters Montgomery, R.H., Spring 2005
Contax & Leitz turn signals Gubas, L. Spring 2008
Sixteen Contax lens cap variants Barringer, C. Spring 2009
The Contax I and its “pimple” versions Baumgartner, S. Fall 2011
The Contax Bayonet Lens Mount Kleinfelt, V. Spring 2012
Benchmark for Contax Prototype Lenses Baumgartner, S. Spring 2016
Contax Specialty Cases Gubas, L. Spring 2016
Three Contax I Cameras Exploring Alaska Gubas, L. Fall 2016
Odd numbering of Carl Zeiss Jena Contaxes Baumgartner, S. Spring 2011
Contessa trademarks Gubas, L. Spring 2008
Contessa – The jewel from Zeiss Ikon Otto, B. Fall 2010
Lens Curiosities from Jena (Cameras) Kuc, H. J. Fall 1987
D – F
Two Carl Zeiss Departments (Measuring Instr.) Grossman, N. Spring 1987
Diesel Engines from Zeiss Jena Arnz, J. Spring 1993
A sentimental journal to Dresden and Jena Stutterheim, F. Fall 2008
Zeiss in Dresden Buckland, M. Spring 2012
The Ercona Family Ghisetti, P. Fall 2006
Heinrich Valentin Erfle (History) Gubas, L. Spring 2000
The Ergo (Cameras) Gubas, L. Spring 1998
The Evolution of the Ergo “Monocular” Camera Gubas, L. Fall 2015
Heinrich Ernemann (History) Gubas, L. Fall 2001
Ernemann’s Advertising Stamps Göllner, P. Fall 2001
Variations of Ernemann’s Goddess of Light Gubas, L. Spring 2014
Ernemann Special Instrument for Theater Photography Gubas, L. Spring 2016
Zeiss Ikon Prewar Exposure Meters Gubas, L. Fall 1981
Zeiss on Everest (Cameras) Small, M. J. Fall 1993
Zeiss Ikon Family Trees Gubas, L. Spring 2016
The 500 mm Fernobjektiv in a Panflex Mount Loder, W. Spring 2014
Fernrohrlupen (Binoculars) Kelly. J. Spring 2002
Zeiss Ikon Film Sizes Kibbey, M. Spring 1981
Advertising Zeiss Ikon’s Films Otto, B. Spring 2011
Zeiss Filters Gubas, L. Fall 2001
A 21 mm Finder – why? Baumgartner, S. Fall 2015
Zeiss Photographic Firsts (Cameras) Gubas, L. Fall 1986
The transition from the Flektoskop to the Flektometer Baumgartner Spring 2003
Zeiss Galilean Field Glasses Grossman, N. Fall 1985
Alfred Gauthier, Calmbach 1902-2002 Winter, W. Fall 2003
Giant Contax in Philadelphia Barringer, C. Spring 1985
Dr. Erhardt Glatzel (History) Gubas, L. Fall 1998
Carl Paul Goerz (1854-1923) (History) Gubas, L. Spring 2001
The Rise and Fall of the C.P. Goerz company Mix, Thomas Fall 2010
The Goerz WorkSpring 1945 Gubas, L. Fall 2011
Emmanuel Goldberg (History) Gubas, L. Spring 1985
Grind Another Ground Glass (Cameras) Keesing, J. Fall 1996
Hahn AG für Optik und Mechanik, Kassel Gubas, L. Fall 2012
1947 Export Fair in Hanover H. Keiren Spring 2010
Revisiting Hensoldt  (Binoculars) Grossman, N. Spring 1993
Hensoldt in Wetzlar (History) Gubas, L. Fall 1997
Hensoldt 7×56 Military Binoculars Paca, F. Fall 1999
Hensoldt, but not Hensoldt (Cameras) Gubas, L. Spring 2001
The Herar Gubas, L. Spring 2009
Filling the Gaps in Zeiss History Sherman, S. Fall 1991
History of the Dresden Photo Industry (Book Review) Gubas, J. Fall 2001
Zeiss in Hungary (History) Grossman, N. Spring 1990
Hymn to a Small Camera Christen, H. Spring 1997
Camera Identification Systems Grossman, N. Spring 1981
Ikoflex Cameras Gubas, L. Spring 1983
Ikoflex III Gubas, L. Spring 1998
The Ikoflex III – almost a Veraflex Otto, B. Fall 2004
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex, 1934-1945 Worsley, S Spring 2014
Ikonette: The first Zeiss Ikon camera Worsley, S. Spring 2008
The Icarette-Ikonta Connection (Cameras) Brown, J. Fall 1989
Development of Ikonta and Super Ikonta Part 1 Otto, B. Fall 2009
Development of Ikonta and Super Ikonta Part 2 Otto, B. Spring 2010
ISO Reporter (Cameras) Ghisetti, P. Fall 2001
Ivory Contax Barringer, J. Spring 1987
Wolfgang F Jacobi (History) Herrman, M. Fall 1998
Japanese Photographic Objectives  (History) ———- Spring 2002
The Bombing of Jena (History) Husid, M. Spring 1991
The Seven Wonders of Jena – a Pictorial (History) ———- Spring 1994
Adding to the Wonders of Jena – Zeiss Planetaria Brown, J. Spring 1994
Jena’s Optical Museum Beez, H. Fall 1995
Jena At Last (History) Gubas, L. Fall 1997
Americans and Russians at Jena Nuttall, B Fall 2002
The early postwar years at Carl Zeiss Jena (Jena Contax) Widder, W. Spring 2003
The Jenaflex AM-1 and the Jenaflex AC-1 (Cameras) Hennig, P. Fall 2000
Kaprelian Files: Zeiss Lens Collection – three examples Gubas, L. Spring 2005
Kaprelian FIles: Other Contax Shutters Gubas, L. Spring 2005
Kiev Cameras Kuc, H. J. Spring 1984
The No-Name Kiev Hennig, P. Fall 2001
The Kinamo movie camera Buckland, M. Spring 2009
Kolibri 1930-1932 (Cameras) Gubas, L. Spring 1982
Heinz Küppenbender (History) Gubas, L. Spring 2000
Heinz Kuppenbender’s role in Contax history Berthet, F. Fall 2000
A New Concept: The L-Stand (Microscopes) Gellis, C. Spring 1991
Zeiss Ikon Small Lab Instruments (Measuring Instr.) Stone, W. Fall 1987
The Lehrlings (History) Nerwin, H. Folio 1
Zeiss Sonnar Lens in Leica Mount Brown, J. Fall 2001
Zeiss Lenses in Leica screw mount Gubas, L. Fall 2006
The Development of Lens Coating (History) Bisschops, J. Fall 1989
A Century of Carl Zeiss Camera Lenses Zeiss Oberkochen Spring 1990
Carl Zeiss Jena Photographic Lens Production Figures Gubas, L. Spring 1999
Zeiss Jena Lenses for Exakta & Praktica Cameras Kuttner, R. Fall 2001
The lens coating patent by Zeiss (T coating) Hennig, P/Mladek, M. Spring 2004
Zeiss 300 mm F/4 lenses: A visual history Ghisetti, P. Spring 2008
Zeiss Lighting Products Gubas, L. Spring 2015
Zeiss Locks Gubas, L. Fall 2001
(Zeiss Ikon) Logo – Designs as Historical Evidence Gubas, L. Fall 1996
Longevity of a camera design (Ica) Scott, J. Spring 2009
Carl Zeiss Jena low-ower binocular Magnifiers Winter, W. Spring 2012
MF and M Markings on Contax and other cameras (WWII) Baumgartner , S. Spring 2015
Matters arising (commentary on prior articles) Grossman, N. Spring 2003
Zeiss Mechanical Measuring Instruments Grossman/Abe Fall 1988
Zeiss Optical Measuring InstrumentSpring 1883-1983 Schulze, F. Spring 2009
Zeiss Medical Instruments Trevelyan, C. Spring 1998
Guido Mengel: An Appreciation Wandersleb, E. Fall 2010
Zeiss Ikon’s Last Hand Held Meters (Cameras) Gubas, L. Fall 1995
Meyer Megoflex (Cameras) Ghisetti, P. Fall 1997
Dr. Kurt Michel (History) Gubas, L. Fall 1998
An Optical Gear Tooth Micrometer Grossman, N. Spring 1997
A Brief History of the Microscope Pfeiffer, W. Fall 1985
Early Zeiss Microscopes Gubas, L. Spring 1999
Carl Zeiss Microscope Catalogs Grossman, N. Fall 1984
Hensoldt’s Baby Microscopes Gellis, C. Fall 1983
Basic Guide to Vintage Zeiss Microscopes Walker, R. Spring 1981
Zeiss Stereo Microscopes (non identical twins from Jena and Oberkochen) Schilling, J. Spring 2007
A Tale of Two Zeiss Microscopes Gubas, L. Spring 2010
Unusual Zeiss Microscope Objectives Grossman, N. Spring 1985
The Four Horsemen of Microscopy Smith, Dr. R. Spring 1988
Zeiss Microscope Adorns Bank Note Kuc, H. J. Fall 1993
The Early Postwar Development of Zeiss Microscopes Gellis, C. Spring 1997
Zeiss Microscopes on Stamps Schulze, F. Spring 2010
Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen) transmitted light Microscopes in the 1960s Schilling, J. Fall 2012
The Zeiss Operating Microscopes Schulze, F Fall 2013
The Mikrotar macro lenses Barringer, C. Fall 2007
New Shutter & Tapes for a Zeiss Miroflex Paca, F. Fall 1990
Möller and Zeiss Compact Binoculars Kelly, J. Spring 1999
A Multipurpose Monocular Brown, J. Spring 1995
The Movikon 16 System (Cameras) Barringer, C. Spring 1998
The pre-war Movikon 8 Cine Camera Worsley, S. Fall 2013
Movikon K 8 Worsley, S. Spring 2015
The Oberkochen Optical Museum (History) Pfeiffer, Dr. W. Spring 1983
Zeiss Rollei-Mutars (Cameras) Sheehy, T. Fall 1991
Zeiss Leica Mystery Lens Sherman, S. Spring 1990
Mystery Lens from the Zeiss Collection (Early Orthometar) Baumgartner, S. Spring 2016
Zeiss Ikon and Dr. August Nagel (History) Gubas, L. Spring 1984
August Nagel and the Retina Wallage, P. Fall 2005
Further Thoughts on August Nagel Gubas, L. Fall 2007
The Zeiss Neophot (Microscopes) Danner, W. Fall 1981
1980 Talk by Hubert Nerwin (Cameras) Scheid/Grossman Spring 1981
Carl Zeiss in the Netherlands Grossman, N. Fall 2003
A Nettar B (Cameras) Zubatkin, M. Spring 1986
Tracking the Nettar 516 (Cameras) Sundberg/Ghisetti Fall 1996
Further Nettar Nattering (Cameras) Brown, J. Spring 1997
A Nettar Mystery Worsley, S. Fall 2013
New Beginnings in Stuttgart (History) Kuc, H. J. Spring 1998
New Publications-History of Contax ’32-’62 & Spiegel-Contax Gubas, L. Spring 2001
A Visit to Oberkochen (History) Kibbey, M. Folio 2
The Oberkochen Optical Museum Gubas, L. Fall 1998
The Growth of Carl Zeiss Oberkochen 1947-2013 Schulze, F Spring 2014
German Optical Codes (Military Optics) Grossman, N. Spring 1982
New Light on German Optical Codes (Military Optics) Grossman, N. Fall 1983
The Optovar Schulze, F. Spring 2013
The Original Contax focal-plane shutter (Cameras) Hennig, P. Spring 2002
WWII German Manufacturers Optical Codes Grossman, N. Fall 1990
Pencils and Pipes are not always what they appear Nerwin, H. Folio 2
The Planar Nasse, H. Spring 2013
125 Years of Zeiss Photo Lenses Gubas, L. Spring 2015
Zeiss Planetaria Gubas, L. Spring 1983
A Cosmic View From Earth – Zeiss Planetaria Husid, M. Spring 1994
Polygons, Arcs & Ikons (Camera Design) Brown, J. Spring 1998
Rene Ahrle and his artistic Poster Ddesigns Otto,B. Fall 2012
Zeiss Precision Gauge Blocks Grossman, N Spring 1996
Preserve or Restore (All Collectibles) Grossman, N. Spring 1991
Pre-Zeiss Ikon Camera Design Gubas, L. Spring 2000
Zeiss related Printers’ blocks Gubas, L. Fall 2009
Zeiss Ikon camera production Worsley, S. Spring 2008
Prototype Lenses for Contax, Contaflex & Contarex Kämmerer, J. Spring 2001
Zeiss Ikon catalog publication numbers Worsley, S. Fall 2008
Punktal Lenses (Eyeglasses) Pfeiffer, Dr. W. Spring 1993
Q – R
Prime Quality Symbol (Binoculars) Grossman, N. Spring 1988
More on Quality Symbols (Telescopes) Stone, W. Fall 1989
Quartermaster Forward This Instrument to Jena (Binoculars) Ringler, W. Folio 1
Zeiss Rangefinders for the Czar’s Army Grossman, N. Fall 1984
Zeiss Four Meter Stereo Rangefinder Grossman, N. Spring 1987
William Reid – Binocular Collector Extraordinaire Watson, F. Fall 2016
Retrofocus Lenses – why they were invented Nasse, H. Spring 2012
Rifle Telescope sights from Zeiss Schilling, J. Fall 2004
Zeiss Magnars (for Rollei TLRs)(Cameras) Sheehy, T. Fall 1992
More on Zeiss Tele Lenses for Rollei TLRs (Cameras) Pins, R. Spring 1993
Paul Rudolph Gubas Fall 2000
Paul Rudolph’s Photographic Lenses Gubas, L. Fall 1983
Zeiss Ikon Safelight (Cameras) Morton, L. Spring 1997
Hans Sauer (History) Gubas, L. Spring 2002
Otto Schott (History) Schreiner, T. Fall 1981
Otto Schott, an innovative glassmaker Gubas, L. Fall 2009
Zeiss Ikon Serial Numbers 1926 to 1939 (Cameras) Worsley, S. Fall 1993
Zeiss Ikon folders with “starred” serial numbers Barringer, C. Fall 2006
Follow-up on “starred” serial numbers Barringer, C. Fall 2007
Siegfried’s Journey (History) Grossman, N. Spring 1993
The Simplex 511/2 Zeiss Ikon’s only bakelite camera Otto, B. Spring 2012
The Zeiss – Gullstrand Slitlamp Schulze, F. Fall 2005
SLR Contax oFall 1949 Schulz, A. Fall 2001
Alexandar Smakula (History) Gubas, L. Fall 1999
The Olympia Sonnar (Cameras) Barringer, C. Spring 1989
The F/1.5 20 cm Sonnar Gubas, L. Fall 2012
Zeiss Ikon’s Statistical Machine Buckland, M. Spring 1995
The C Sonnar F/1.5 50 mm T* ZM Hennig, P. Fall 2006
Postwar Carl Zeiss Stereo Device (Cameras) Ghisetti, P. Spring 1998
A Zeiss/B&L Stereo Microscope Matthies, F. Fall 1989
From binoculars to microscopes Grossman, N. Spring 2005
Prewar and postwar Stereo Devices from Zeiss Ikon Barringer, C. Spring 2003
Stereo devices from Kiev Ghisetti, P. Spring 2003
Postwar stereo devices from Carl Zeiss Jena Otto, B. Fall 2003
Dr. Rudolph Straubel (History) Gubas, L. Spring 1999
Kodak Zeiss Ikon and Camera Style Brown, J. Spring 1986
Zeiss Super Ikonta B Brown, J. & Baca, J. Fall 1999
The Super Ikontas (Cameras) Gubas, L. Fall 1982
The development of the Ikonta and Super Ikonta (I) Otto, B. Fall 2009
Disassembly of the Super Nettel I (Cameras) Alvarado, S. Fall 1992
Early Zeiss Surveying Instruments Grossman, N. Fall 1984
From Syntax to Praktina Schulz, A. Spring 2008
The Tengoflex Ghisetti, P. Fall 2004
The Tenax I and its Successors (Cameras) Gubas, L. Fall 1983
The Tenax X-Ray Camera Gubas, L. Spring 1983
New Work for an Old Tenax (Cameras) Kibbey, M. Spring 1993
The Tenax II – some interesting novelties Gubas, L. Fall 2011
The Teleplast Binoculars (1907-1910??) Gubas, L. Fall 2015
A Military Mast Telescope Grossman, N. Fall 1989
Large Zeiss Observatory Telescopes in the U.S. Grossman, N. Spring 1981
A Carl Zeiss Telescope Grossman, N. Fall 1982
A 60mm Zeiss Telescope Gorgon, R. Fall 1988
Zeiss Telescope at Augustana College Grossman, N. Fall 1990
Zeiss Telescope Production in Jena Grossman, N. Spring 1989
Zeiss Telescopes – Bergedorf’s Hamburger Sternwarte Husid, M. Fall 1994
A Zeiss Folding Stereo Telescope Surmont, A. Fall 1995
A Walking-stick Telescope Gubas, L. Spring 1999
The early observatory telescopes of Carl Zeiss Abrahams, P. Spring 2006
Zeiss Terrestrial Telescopes Illustrated Gubas, L. Spring 2014
Zeiss Turret Terrestrial binocular telescopes Doherty, F.,Rohan, S. Fall 2008
Zeiss Tele Tessar 30 cm f/8 Ghisetti, P. Spring 2002
The Tenax Dechert, P. Spring 2006
Further notes on the Tenax Worsley, S. Fall 2006
The rare Tengoflex Otto, B. Fall 2011
Happy Birthday, Tessar Otto, B. Fall 2002
The Tessar H. Nasse Fall 2012
115 mm f3.5 Tessar for the Panflex  [5522/23] Loder, W. Fall 2015
Zeiss Ikon and Television: Fernseh AG Buckland, M. Fall 1995
Zeiss Tele-Microscope Kelly, J. Spring 2007
Depth Perception and the Zeiss Teleplast Watson, F. Fall 2016
Teleweit and Telekipp (Early prismatic riflescopes) Gubas, L. Spring 2014
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