Zeiss Historica Spring 2012

Zeiss Historica Spring 2012

The Contax bayonet lens mount was good enough for Nikon, but it certainly wasn’t perfect.  The Spring 2012 explores the merits of this lens mount, along with detailed articles about Retrofocus lenses, Zeiss Ikon’s only Bakelite camera, and Zeiss in Dresden.

Pg 2. The Contax bayonet lens mount was an important step in the development of the interchangeable lens 35mm camera, but was it a mistake?

Pg 6. Zeiss made a pair of simple magnifying lenses mounted with prisms allowed for stereoscopic viewing of small objects.

Pg 9. Retrofocus lenses and why they were invented.  This article tells the story of the Distagon, Biogon, and Hologon lenses.

Pg 14. Zeiss Ikon produced only one Bakelite camera, this is the story of the Simplex 511/2.

Pg 19. Plenty has been written by Carl Zeiss Jena, but not so much about their East German counterparts in Dresden.  After the reunification of Germany, more details came to light about what went on there after the war.

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