Zeiss Historica Spring 2011

Zeiss Historica Spring 2011

We know today of the fate of the German optics industry after World War II, but back then the future was less certain.  Read what Carl Zeiss Jena thought about their own situation in this fascinating issue.  While you’re at it, read about how two identical cameras could have the same identical serial number.

Pg 2. In 1945, things were pretty dire for Carl Zeiss Jena, and this article helps us understand the challenges the company faced with an uncertain future.

Pg 8. A book review of Zeiss Fieldglasses and Binoculars from 1894 to 1919 by Hans T. Seeger.

Pg 10. Like many optics companies of the early 20th century, at one time, Zeiss-Ikon made their own film, and here are some of the ways they advertised it.

Pg 17. This is Part 1 of a 2 part article about Zeiss-Ikon in London by Herbert Ober.  Part 2 is in the Fall 2011 issue.

Pg 24. You’d think that finding two cameras with identical serial numbers and a third without one at all would raise suspicion as a fake, and in many cases you’d be right.  In this case, the cameras are real, but the explanation is quite strange.

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