Zeiss Historica Spring/Fall 2014

Zeiss Historica Spring/Fall 2014

Due to declining health of Larry Gubas, only a single issue of the Zeiss Historica Newsletter was published in 2014 as a combined Spring/Fall double issue.

Pg 2. The growth of Carl Zeiss Oberkochen from 1947 – 2013.  After the war, a new location in Oberkochen was the new home for Zeiss.

Pg 13. In 1905, Ernemann started using it’s “Goddess of Light” logo, but it continually evolved, and here are some variations of it.

Pg 14. If you have a Panflex adapter for your Contax IIa and a preference for REALLY LONG lenses, then the 500mm Fernobjektiv is the lens for you!

Pg 16. To raise public awareness of it’s terrestrial telescopes, Zeiss Ikon often published pictures of them in use.  Here are some of those pictures.

Pg 18. The Ikoflex was Zeiss-Ikon’s answer to the popular TLR market and here is a short article on these early Ikoflexes from 1934 to 1945.

Pg 21. A book review of Zeiss and Photography by Larry Gubas.

Pg 23. Many of the early 20th century Zeiss factories and offices are still standing and here is a short look at some of those locations.

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