Zeiss Historica Fall 2009

Zeiss Historica Fall 2009

In the Fall of 2009 Zeiss Historica told the stories of two men who helped make the company what it was, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott.  There’s also two book reviews, a telling of Zeiss’s 75th Anniversary, and a great article about the Ikonta and Super Ikonta.

Pg 2. Ernst Abbe was Carl Zeiss’s business partner, scientist, and a most enlightened employer.

Pg 6. No story about Ernst Abbe is complete without also talking about Otto Schott, so that’s what Larry Gubas does.

Pg 10. Part 1 of a 2 part series about the development of the Ikonta and Super Ikonta (I).

Pg 19. In 1937, Zeiss-Ikon celebrated their 75th anniversary despite being formed only 11 years earlier.  This is part of that story.

Pg 23. Robert Carter takes a look at two books written by Larry Gubas, the second edition of his survey of Zeiss binoculars and a new one on the company’s microscopes.

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