Zeiss Historica Fall 2007

Zeiss Historica Fall 2007

Most camera collectors know August Nagel as the man who worked for Kodak and made the Retina, but before signing on with Kodak, Nagel worked for Zeiss-Ikon.  Other stories include a modern Zeiss Ikon camera from the 21st century with a Leica M lens mount.

Pg 2. The Zeiss Silvamar 6x and DF 7×50 were selected as the best pattern binoculars for the British Royal Flying Corps in 1914.

Pg 6. The Mikrotar macros lenses occupied a middle ground between microscopy and macrophotography.

Pg 11. Tests of the first Zeiss camera body to have a Leica M lens mount, plus two of it’s lenses.

Pg 15. Zeiss Ikon, 1926 to 1971. An edited version of a talk delivered in 1980 by the man in charge of shutting the factories down.

Pg 21. Larry Gubas gives us further thoughts on August Nagel.

Pg 23. “Starred” camera body serial numbers.

Pg 24. Zeiss cameras adapted from Voigtländer.

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