Zeiss Historica Fall 2008

Zeiss Historica Fall 2008

Zeiss-Ikon made two completely different cameras named the Contaflex, and in this Fall 2008 issue, we get 8 pages of the 35mm TLR Contaflex.

Pg 2. A visit to Jena and Dresden, the birthplaces of some of the best cameras and lenses ever made.

Pg 5. Zeiss turret terrestrial binocular telescopes were produced for about 80 years and are a big part of Zeiss history.

Pg 12. The remarkable Twin Lens Contaflex was a beautiful camera, but is it better on display than in use?  Take a look at this strange and very rare camera, along with some of it’s accessories and lenses.

Pg 20. A guide to understanding the publication numbers that often appeared on Zeiss-Ikon publications.

Pg 24. Lichtstrahlen – Larry Gubas shares some information about Zeiss in the USA, and the companies first computer chip.

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