Zeiss Historica Spring 2009

Zeiss Historica Spring 2009

The Spring 2009 issue looks at a very rare Zeiss lens, a failed “Instamatic” SLR, and explores 100 years of Zeiss Optical design.

Pg 2. One of the rarest Zeiss lenses was the Herar a 3.5cm f/3.5.  It was available in Contax and M39 mount.

Pg 5. The Kinamo movie camera was developed by Emanuel Goldberg while working for Ica in the 1920s.

Pg 11. The Department for Optical Measuring Instruments, 1883 – 1983

Pg 19. The Contaflex 126 was first developed by Voigtländer and then later produced by Zeiss-Ikon.  It was a well built and robust system camera, but it was not embraced by the consumer.

Pg 22. The longevity of a camera design explores pre-Zeiss cameras from Ica that continued to be successful for Zeiss-Ikon.

Pg 24. A strange 436/70 turret finder could possibly be the precursor to the 440 finder.

Back Cover Sixteen Contax lens caps

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