Zeiss Historica Fall 2000

Zeiss Historica Fall 2000

The Fall 2000 issue has everything from 1980s SLRs to notes found in the estate of the ZHS’s founder about a meeting in 1937 celebrating Zeiss-Ikon’s 75th anniversary.

Pg 2. A voice from 1937.  The following text was found in the materials forwarded to ZHS from the estate of Tom Schreiner.  It is the text of a verbal presentation to a British photo group, introducing the Zeiss-Ikon 1937 line of new cameras.

Pg 6. Heinz Kuppenbender’s role in Contax history.  A summary of an interview by Fridolin Berthal in 1981 on the role Kuppenbender played.

Pg 10. Zeiss personalities, Paul Rudolph and Walter Bauersfeld.

Pg 12. The Zeiss Universarium: A Zeiss Planetarium update.

Pg 14. Zeiss Ikon: Roots and Origins.  How could a company first founded in 1926, celebrate it’s 75th anniversary, only 11 years later?

Pg 18. New Publications: Contax to Kiev: A Report on the Mutation by Minoru Sasaki, and Contax Rangefinder Lenses 1932 – 1962 by John Keesing.

Pg 20. The Jenaflex AM-1 (1986 – 1988) and the Jenaflex AC-1 (1987 – 1989).  Two SLRs produced by VEB Pentacon Dresden in the 80s, have a name that hearkens back to Zeiss Ikon’s glory days.

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