Zeiss Historica Fall 2004

Zeiss Historica Fall 2004

More prototypes!  Did you know the Ikoflex III was almost called the Veraflex?  Also more prototype goodness about a Contax III with a dual range exposure meter, and more supporting evidence that a Contax IV was in the works.

Pg 2. Rifle telescope sights from Zeiss.

Pg 5. The Tengoflex is a box camera that is among the rarest of Zeiss Ikon products.

Pg 6. A 21st century Zeiss camera.  Zeiss has announced a new camera system to be called the “Zeiss Ikon”, with the Leica M lens mount and an interesting series of “ZM” lenses for it21.

Pg 10. The Ikoflex III – almost a Veraflex.  Had the Ikoflex III been renamed Veraflex, it would have likely eased the confusion between the various Ikoflex names and catalog numbers.

Pg 15. A Contax Horror Story, by Peter Hennig.

Pg 16. From as early as 1912, Zeiss produced lightweight theater glasses with a wide field of view.  The Teleater gave way to the Theatis around 1931.

Pg 19. Confirmation of the Contax IV, a note from Larry Gubas.

Pg 20. A prototype Contax III suggests that Zeiss-Ikon was experimenting with a dual-range light meter on this article of a Contax III factory hybrid.

Pg 23. An Introduction to the Binoculars of Carl Zeiss Jena, by Lawrence Gubas.

Pg 24. Yet more on the Tessar in 39mm Leica thread mount.

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