Zeiss Historica Fall 2010

Zeiss Historica Fall 2010

Goerz was at one time Carl Zeiss’s biggest competitors in the lens market, and their merger with Zeiss in 1926 was a huge win for Zeiss.  The fall 2010 issue tells part of that story.

Pg 2. The Contessa was Zeiss-Ikon’s answer to the Kodak Retina, and Bernd K. Otto takes a look at this elegant little folder.

Pg 8. The rise and fall of the C.P. Goerz company.

Pg 17. Guido Mengel was an early director for Zeiss-Ikon, having run ICA prior to it’s merger in 1926.

Pg 21. Reader feedback and commentary on recently published articles.

Pg 22. Charlie Barringer’s database of Zeiss lenses has nearly 33,000 entries and is one of the most comprehensive ever.

Pg 24. Originally included with this newsletter, a reprint of the 1927 Zeiss-Ikon catalog was filled with lots of interesting information.

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