Zeiss Historica Fall 2011

Zeiss Historica Fall 2011

Pimples are usually a bad thing, unless you’re a collector of early Contax rangefinders.  If yours has them, you’ll definitely want to check out the Fall 2011 issue.

Pg 2. Part 2 of Herbert Ober’s story about Zeiss in London from 1945 to 1990.

Pg 10. Goerz Works, 1945. The story of Zeiss-Ikon factories at Zehlendorf and Friedman in Berlin.

Pg 16. Take a look at one of Zeiss’s rare failures was this short lived Tengoflex, a hybrid mirror reflex box camera that was only available in Sweden.

Pg 21. Some early Contax Is have curious looking pimples on them.  But why?  Here is what we know.

Pg 23. Hubert Nerwin’s Tenax II is a favorite among Zeiss collectors and here are some variants of this wonderful little camera.

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