Zeiss Historica Spring 2013

Zeiss Historica Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 issue has Ottos, Ghisettis, Cavinas, and Benjamins along with detailed write-ups about the Werra, Aseros, and the Zeiss Planar.  That’s a lot of Zeiss!

Pg 2. While the Tessar might be Zeiss’s most popular lens design, the Planar is not only older, but just as significant.

Pg 6. Werra – The design miracle from Eastern Germany.

Pg 13. The Aseros is a zoom telescope from the 1920s.

Pg 15. A book review of Carl Zeiss Kamera Registrer 1902 – 2012 by Bernd K. Otto.

Pg 18. A book review of The Contarex Book by Pierpaolo Ghisetti and Marco Cavina.

Pg 20. An 1890 catalog supplement expressed doubt about the durability of Zeiss Apochromat microscope lenses, and it turns out, they were right!

Pg 22. The Optovar is a magnification changer accessory for some Zeiss microscopes offering enhanced magnification.

Pg 24. In 2013, Canada issued a new $100 bill featuring a woman using a Zeiss microscope.  Cool!

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  1. The Topogon design is new to me, and sounds very appealing. So I decided to check That Auction Site for a Topogon for my Kiev body. Found one 100mm f9 with basically “no” mount: just two bulbous elements protruding from either side of a black metal ring. But there is an Orion-15, 28mm f6 in LTM mount that (sez the Russian seller) is a design based on the Topogon. It’s a cool $203, and boasts 17 watchers as I write this. That would be interesting on my Canon VL2 … except I already laid out too much money for a Canon LTM 28mm f3.5. You can prolly tell I’m fighting off a GAS attack here, Mike!

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