Zeiss Historica Spring 2000

Zeiss Historica Spring 2000

The Spring 2000 issue brings us several unusual Zeiss cameras, pre-Zeiss cameras, and an in depth look as to why wide angle lenses were so difficult for the Contax.

Pg 2. Pre-Zeiss Ikon Camera Design.  Zeiss Ikon was founded in 1926 after merging 4 Dresden area optical companies together.  Here are some of the cameras those companies made.

Pg 7. Zeiss Serial Number Sequence.

Pg 10. Zeiss Personalities: Heinrich Valentin Erfle (1884 – 1923) and Heinz Kuppenbender (1901 – 1989)

Pg 12. The Challenge of Wide Angle Lenses in the Early Years of the Contax.  Ever wonder why wide angle lenses were so uncommon in the early years?  So have I!

Pg 16. Some Unusual Zeiss-Ikon Cameras.  These aren’t prototypes, just unusual cameras you don’t often see like the Zeiss Kriegsmarine submarine camera, Tenax II, and Ifbaflex.

Pg 22. The Jenaflex.  If you thought the cameras in the above section were unusual, check out this 1980s SLR made by VEB Pentacon Dresden called the Jenaflex.

Pg 24. Zeiss Historica Society Annual Meeting 1999.

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