Zeiss Historica Spring 2007

Zeiss Historica Spring 2007

Sometimes people ask me where I get my information from for my in depth camera reviews.  A combination of other internet sites, forums, old magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and sometimes issues like Zeiss Historica are all places I’ve gotten my facts from.  The Spring 2007 issue was especially helpful in my research for the Zeiss-Ikon Contarex Bullseye review that I published in November 2019.

Pg 2. Zeiss stereo microscopes were first developed as prototypes prior to the war, but lived on in both East and West Germany as twins.

Pg 5. The Contarex family of cameras.  Larry Gubas gives us 6 pages of interesting facts and images about Zeiss-Ikon’s “swan song” camera, the Contarex.

Pg 11. The Zeiss Tele-Microscope was a neat combination of low power microscope and monocular telescope from 1937.

Pg 13. Francois Vuilleumier asks the question whether Zeiss binoculars are the preferred instruments for bird watching.

Pg 22. The 25mm Topogon Contax lens is rare enough, but the direct vision 25mm Topogon finder is even more rare, but was it really made by Zeiss?

Pg 24. In the 1960s, some Zeiss cameras were sold under the name ZIAG which stands for Zeiss Ikon Aktien Gesellschaft (Zeiss Ikon Limited Company), but why?

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