Zeiss Historica Spring 2008

Zeiss Historica Spring 2008

The 10 page story on Siegfried Bohm dominates the Spring 2008 issue, and for good reason.  There’s a lot of information to share.  Other stories include information about Zeiss Ikon’s early camera production, including their first all new model, the Ikonette from 1928.

Pg 2. After it’s 1926 merger, the Ikonette vest pocket from 1928 was the first all new camera released by the newly formed Zeiss-Ikon.

Pg 7. Siegfried Bohm’s story with Zeiss-Ikon started with the unreleased Syntax SLR and continued after the war with KW on the Praktiflex, Praktica, and Praktina.

Pg 17. Which Way to Turn? Both Zeiss and Leitz made automobile turn signals before manufacturers were required to include them.

Pg 19. A Visual History of Zeiss 300mm f/4 lenses for 35mm cameras.

Pg 20. Zeiss-Ikon camera production from 1926 to 1945.  Serial numbers and production information galore!

Pg 24. Contessa’s trademark varied greatly throughout it’s short life span, and here are most of them.

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