On the Move…

After nearly 7 years running mikeeckman.com on a home built Windows 2008 server that sits in my basement (it was originally in a closet), the time has come to move to a new host.

With the support of your kind donations and revenue generated through Google Adsense, the site has 100% funded it’s own move to Bluehost.  I have secured server space for the next 5 years which will allow me to grow in ways a rickety old computer sitting on an Ikea shelf couldn’t.

Site speed should be considerably faster allowing me to experiment with things that the current server couldn’t handle, but there will be additional behind the scenes improvements like better security, more reliable backups, and decreased downtime that will benefit the site as well.

As with any change, there will be some growing pains and site interruptions until the move is complete.  I’ve never migrated a server like this so I honestly have no idea how long this will take, but I expect the site to go up and down over the next couple of days.  Don’t worry though, this has nothing to do with my April Fool’s Prank this year, the site is not going away.

For updates at times when the site is unavailable, I will post on the site’s official Facebook page.  If you happen to go there, be sure to like my page so you can be notified of posts there as well.

Thanks for your patience!



  1. When I saw the “I’m going Heavy Metal” announcement, I wondered what was going on. Then, like D.A.T.A. of “Star Trek,” I believed it…for a millisecond. April Fool jokes were all over the Interweb, so why not this vintage camera site? I resolved to see the next post to see if it was “Metal Health” or a tale of an obscure camera. So things are (somewhat) back to normal. (The posts of the last few days went nowhere, since I’m not a site owner.;)

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