Five Things that are 120mm, and One that Isn’t

Today, I have a quick post about five things you can buy online that come in 120mm sizes, and one that isn’t.

Lets take a look shall we?

Case Fans

If you’re looking to build a PC, you’ll definitely need some case fans.  Don’t settle for just any old 80mm or 90mm case fans, go for 120mm case fans!

Amazon and Newegg have a huge variety of them that come in black or any color of the rainbow, even clear.

If you like LEDs, they even have LED case fans!


Bolts are very useful for holding things together.  Sometimes the things you need to hold together are 10mm apart, sometimes 50mm, but for those bigger jobs where you need to hold things that are at least 120mm apart, you need to bust out the big guns and order some 120mm bolts!

For extra appeal, you can get these stainless 120mm bolts with Allen wrench style heads that look cooler.

Hole Saw

Do you like holes?!  Who am I kidding, of course you do, everyone likes holes.

Maybe you’re in the market to make some bean bag boards (some people call it Cornhole) and need to make a very big hole.

When you need to make a very big hole, you can’t just use a drill bit.  No, drill bits are for wimpy small holes.

For 120mm holes, you need a 120mm Hole Saw!

And for those of you making 120mm holes, why not be stylish and get this red hole saw!

Fan Shrouds

I don’t know a lot about fans, but sometimes they need shrouds.

Since you’re already thinking about buying a red hole saw, might as well get your Amazon cart over $25 to quality for free shipping with this blue Antminer 120mm Duct Cooling Shroud!


I’m gonna be perfectly honest with you and say, I have no idea what these are.

Amazon suggests that they’re furniture legs, but not just any furniture legs, no, they’re 120mm furniture legs for those times where you need to raise your furniture off the ground by at least 120mm!


So, now that we’ve covered five great things you can buy that are 120mm, lets cover one thing that you can’t get in 120mm!


120mm film does not exist…120mm film SEO

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  1. Just another example of mis-used nomenclature, and may have been pointed out already, but ISO is not an acronym. ISO is the international logo for the International Organization for Standardization, head-quartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

    1. 120 film might be mislabeled as 70mm film, because the day several medium format roll film cameras used interchangeable backs, for 120, for 220 … and for 70mm films. Oddly enough, this topic has appeared on at least three analog photo blogs in the past couple of days.

      1. 70mm film is the same width as 116 film. You can actually take bulk 70mm Cinema film and make your own 116 film if you have the spools.

        And I am friends with the other bloggers who made these same posts. We did it all on purpose to have a good laugh! 🙂

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