A Quick Update

As the first month of 2021 nears it’s end, I thought I’d check in with you all to let you know that I am still alive and well, and that in only five more days I will resume my normal cadence of weekly reviews and other articles.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a few postings this month as I pushed out single article versions of last October’s 9th Cameras of the Dead article, along with a list of cameras found in movies that was originally posted on Reddit.  I also righted a few wrongs from a 2018 review of the Zeiss-Ikon Contessa 35, but other than these few posts, I haven’t posted anything truly new since the Aires 35-V review on December 17th.

In the last month and a half, I have been working on reviews for cameras that I shot in 2020 which I never got around to writing about.  I try to prioritize reviews for cameras that don’t have a lot of information already out on the internet, or if it’s a camera that is common, I usually like to find something new to say about it that’s not me churning out the same praise that everyone else has.

As I write this, I have completed 15 new camera reviews, and other than a final proofreading, are ready to go.  I have another three that are roughly half completed, and another five are in their early stages.  I also have the next four Keppler’s Vault’s planned, two of which will serve double duty as both a Keppler’s Vault and a camera review in one.  I am also in the early stages of a feature article and my next two One Hour Photo interviews.

Finally, as I mentioned in my 2020 Year in Review, I still plan on trying to branch out into the world of YouTube videos, but that plan is still in it’s early stages.

I look forward to getting these reviews out and hearing from you all, and I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I liked writing about them.  Here’s to a great 2021!


  1. Hi, Mike. Glad to hear you’re ready to go with some new reviews following you annual hiatus to recharge your batteries! I can’t wait to learn which goodies you have lined up for us.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Terry! I definitely have some cool stuff planned. A mix of super rare to super common, point and shoot, SLR, TLR, rangefinder, medium format, folders, you name it, nothing is off the table!

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