Classic Lenses Podcast Presents: The Final Episode of Cocaine and Waffles

What started out as a one-episode spin-off of the Classic Lenses Podcast, Johnny Sisson and I decided to record a follow-up to the hugely successful Cocaine and Waffles Podcast this week.

Like the first episode, we invited a bunch of our camera collector friends into a single “Brady Bunch style” Zoom recording, started recording, and talked!

Anthony Rue, Theo Panagopoulos, Mark Faulkner, Dan Hausman, Vladislav Kern, Rob Jamieson, and Rick Oleson were on the call this time and we discuss everything from the reliability of Soviet cameras, Johnny shows off another Petri Green-O-Matic, Theo shows off his new Contax, and a huge variety of other topics.

If you have some time to kill, check it out!  This will be the last one of these Classic Lenses Podcast spin-offs, but I hope to have something similar to announce very soon!

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