Episodes 1 and 2: Cocaine and Waffles Podcast

In May 2021, I had the idea of starting a new podcast that would be different from others out there in that participants would join with little to no notice, and no prearranged topics to discuss.  I thought it could work similarly like a radio show where callers just call in.

Without an actual way to get live callers in a recorded podcast, Johnny Sisson and I threw together a ‘proof of concept’ podcast which he agreed to host as a spin-off of the Classic Lenses Podcast.

We recorded that first episode with Johnny, myself, and the following guests:

  • Cheyenne Morrison
  • Perry Ge
  • Mike Novak
  • Anthony Rue
  • Eric Enrico Jason
  • Theo Panagopoulos

Each person in the podcast had less than a day, sometimes even just an hour notice that they were going to be on the show, so although we never actually got anyone to call in, what we recorded had absolutely no planning.

Episode 1: Cocaine and Waffles

That first podcast got a bit chaotic, but turned out way better than Johnny or I could have hoped.  We enjoyed it so much, the very next week, we did it again using the same format, but with even more guests!

  • Theo Panagopoulos
  • Anthony Rue
  • Mark Faulkner
  • Rick Oleson
  • Daniel Hausman
  • Vadislav Kern
  • Rob Jamieson

Episode 2: The End of the Line

The second episode was from start to finish, some great conversation with a huge number of really interesting guests.  Getting to talk to Rick Oleson, Vlad Kern, Dan Hausman and the other guys was a fantastic experience.

After both episodes were done, we knew we had something.  Everyone who had listened enjoyed the show and we agreed to find a way to make this a regular thing.  It would take me a few months to get everything together (starting a new podcast is a lot more work than I had thought), I finally decided to call it the Camerosity Podcast.

I decided to call the first new episode, Episode 3, as I thought those first two Cocaine and Waffles podcasts were so much fun and are so worth listening to, I wanted to respect them as their own pilots to the Camerosity show because they are absolutely worth listening to.

I have no idea how well this concept will work, or if enough people will be interested enough to keep it going, but if it does, be sure to come back here to check for new episodes.  If everything goes to plan, I will record the episodes Monday nights, from 9pm to 10pm Central Time, and have the shows posted by Wednesday of that same week.

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