Episode 4: Paul Rybolt is an eBay Superstar

This week we welcome Paul Rybolt in episode 4 of the Camerosity podcast.  With over 500 current auctions and nearly 2800 positive feedback Paul offers his insights into selling on eBay and one thing you should include in your camera auction listings to boost exposure.

Also returning are Anthony and Theo, who along with Paul and Mike discuss a wide range of topics from Kodak Cirkut panoramic cameras, 17 blade Biotars, Theo’s work getting recognized by the Australian War Memorial, and Mike’s picks for a good first medium format camera for under $200.

Next week, we are going to open up the call in lines for anyone listening to join the podcast with us to ask questions.  This will be the first time this has ever been done, so it’s sure to be fun!  Stay tuned!

This Week’s Episode

  • Panorama-mania, Fujis Hassys and Cirkuts!
  • Unloving the Hasselblad SWC
  • Theo’s Australian War Memorial Photos
  • Is Flickr Dead?
  • NFTs and Photography
  • The Excitement of Collecting Prints
  • 17 Blade Biotars
  • Adapting M40 Lenses
  • Paul’s Thoughts on eBay
  • Mike Finds Another Way to Talk About Arguses
  • You Cant Stump the Eckman – Wirgin Edinex (I repeatedly call it an Edixa, WHOOPS!)
  • Best Sub $200 Medium Format Cameras
  • What About the Pearl River?
  • The AGFA Optima Sensor Flash is Super Cool!
  • Anthony Relives his Olympus 35 RC
  • What Does CAMEROSITY Mean?

Show Notes

If you would like to offer feedback or contact me with questions or ideas for future episodes, please use the Comments section below.

Paul Rybolt- Paul’s eBay Store

Theo Panagopoulos – https://www.photothinking.com/

Anthony Rue – https://www.instagram.com/kino_pravda/

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