Episode 7: The Future of Film Photography

After a one week break, the Camerosity Podcast returns with more open source film discussion.  This week we were joined with Canadian photographer and RB67 enthusiast Jess Hobbs, the Camerosity Podcast’s number one fan, Michael Kaplan, and finally, returning for his second podcast with us, Cheyenne Morrison.

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This Week’s Episode

  • Jess and Michael’s favorite films
  • Does expired 220 film hold up better than expired 120?
  • Johnny has no use for bulk loading film
  • How to open a 35mm cassette without a tool
  • Where will film photography be in 10, 20, or 50 years?
    • Less and less people to repair cameras
    • Film stocks disappearing
    • Will film become boutique manufacturers like vinyl records are today?
    • Making new cameras using old parts
  • Nikon FE Press Pan with Mamiya press lenses
  • Dora Goodman’s cameras
  • Has “Eckman” become a verb?
  • Mike visits the most amazing camera collection in the world

    Nikon S2 with a Zunow 5cm f/1.1 lens!
  • Fuji won’t make peel apart film again
  • Everyone’s new gear
    • Michael – Anscomark M and Topcon Super DM
    • Cheyenne – Hedeco Lime clip on meter
    • Jess – Olympus Stylus Epic Deluxe, Topcon RE Super, Leica IIIa, and a Zenit-C.
    • Johnny – Fujifilm GA645 Zi
    • Anthony – Vito BR
    • Mike – Exakta Vest Pocket 127 with Biotar and wide angle f/8 Tessar
    • Theo – Mamiya Myrapid and LOMO LC-A

Show Notes

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Camerosity Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/camerosity_podcast/

Jess Hobbs – https://www.youtube.com/c/JessHobbs

Michael Kaplan – http://www.thevelvetsirens.com/

Theo Panagopoulos – https://www.photothinking.com/

Anthony Rue – https://www.instagram.com/kino_pravda/

Johnny Sisson – https://www.kenrockwell.com

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  1. Mentioning the lost art of camera repairs. Mark Hama for Yashica Mat 124, 124G is going to be one of those lost treasures to the collector community. I just hope that the cameras that I have serviced last me another 50 years before needing service! Longer than my lifetime. I would be more concerned about film as a dying media. The lenses will live on adapted on my digital cameras. 🙁 I got into this game way too late.

    1. I’ve read several comments from people saying Mark Hama has been hard to get ahold of recently. Do you know if he’s officially retired from repairing cameras, or is he just taking a break? Once he stops, that will be a huge resource lost.

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