Episode 9: Flying on Planes with Vintage Cameras

This week on the Camerosity Podcast, we are joined by three listeners, Mark Faulkner, Mike Novak, and Skip Williams.  Without a predetermined topic to discussed, we just winged it and managed to talk about everything from the Pentax LX, to the dangers of flying with cameras, to Mark’s Big Suitcase o’ 16mm Cameras.  Oh, and yes, we did talk about panoramic cameras for the ninth episode in a row!  Our topics were wide ranging this week, so there’s certain to be something for everyone!

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This Week’s Episode

  • Skip’s Olympus OM-1 and Pentax LX with the Cool Action Finder
  • Episode 8 Was Awesome and you should listen to it!
  • Fuji Discontinues More Film 🙁
  • Kodak Disc Film, Minox, and Viewmaster Cameras
  • Kodachrome is REALLY hard to develop
  • Shooting 16mm Cameras, Mark has a Suitcase of them!
  • Kiev Subminiatures and the KMZ Narciss 16mm SLR
  • The Mamiya 6 Focuses by Moving the Film Plane
  • Dont Fly on Planes with Old Cameras, Also, Don’t Ever Fly with Anthony Rue!
  • Anthony Loves his Super Ikonta
  • The Corfield Periflex with it’s Periscope SLR Focus
  • Contaxes, Kievs, and No-Name Kievs
  • Horizonts and the Viscawide 16
  • The Drug Friend and GOMZ Leningrads Hardly Ever Work
  • What’s Coming Soon on mikeeckman.com
  • Everyone’s New Gear
  • Anthony Visits Clyde Butcher’s Darkroom

Show Notes

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