Episode 14: Vintage Video and Stereo Cameras

We’re back with episode 14 of the Camerosity Podcast.  This week we threw caution into the wind and recorded a show without any idea of what we were going to talk about and letting fate decide for us.  Apparently, fate wanted to talk about vintage video and stereo cameras!

Joined by our first ever European listener, Malcolm Myers, former Camera Barn manager David Goldberg, former TV/News photographer Larry Effler, and returning listeners Miles Libak and Mark Faulkner, we cover a wide variety of topics.

After this episode, we are switching to an episode every other week, so we will be off next week returning the week after that.  We’d love it if you could join us for Episode 15 which we will record on Monday, December 13th, so look for the join link around that time.

This Week’s Episode

  • How Paul Got Started Buying and Selling Cameras / Contax T / Foth Derby
  • Tips in Shooting Scale/Zone/Estimate Focus / Olympus XA vs XA2 / Olympus Trip 35
  • What Was It Like in Camera Stores When The Digital Revolution Started?
  • Videographers Saw the Electronic Revolution Before Still Photographers Did
  • NTSC vs PAL
  • Digital Still Video Cameras / Canon Xap Shot / Sony Mavica
  • Digital Title Slides on Ektachrome
  • RCA Video Discs / CED / Selectavision / The Analog Video Format on Vinyl Records
  • Kodak Retina IIa / Topcon Unirex / UV Mount Lenses / Wink Mirror S / Topcon IC-1
  • Stereo Realist / David White Company / Paul Well / Contura Stereo Camera / Sawyer’s View-Master Stereo Cameras
  • Searching for Stereo Images and Vintage Film on eBay Gets You a Lot of Porn
  • Miles Bought a Contax IIIa After Listening to Episode 13
  • Many Soviet Contax Mount Lenses are Just as Good as Zeiss Contax Lenses
  • Canon VT Deluxe / Bottom Film Advance Cameras / Leicavit / Ricoh 500/519 / Canonet 19
  • Mike Gets a Bell & Howell Dial 35 Kit as a Gift From a Site Reader
  • Most Clockwork Wind-up Cameras Need Film in Them to Work
  • You Can Fire a Magic Cube Flash with a Pencil / Paul’s Microflash Story
  • Nikon SB-20 Flash Has a Built in Diffuser
  • Older Hot Shoe Flashes Might Damage Newer Film and Digital Cameras / Minolta Has a Different Hot Shoe
  • Nikon EM Was Marketed as the Camera for Ladies / That Blue Button on the EM
  • Nikon FA, FG, and F3 Will Not Meter Until You Reach Exposure 1 / RTFM
  • Camera Stores Needed to Make Profits / Selling High Margin Camera Brands like Ricoh, Mamiya, and Chinon
  • Refurbished / Gray Market Cameras / Extended Warranties
  • Canon VT Deluxe Part II / Canon’s Rotating Prism
  • Nikkor non-Ai Lenses Converted to Ai / Nikkor 85mm f/1.8
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Show Notes

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