Episode 21: The GAS Episode

This week on episode 21 of the Camerosity Podcast you better hide your credit cards and deactivate your eBay accounts as there is a whole lot of GAS coming your way!  Without a special guest, Mike, Theo, Paul, and Anthony were free to discuss all their recent pickups, with everything from Niccas to Noblexes.

Joining us were returning callers Mark Faulkner, Jon Gilchrist, Miles Libak, and first time callers Nafis Azad, James Allen, and David Ortega who share with us their Wideluxes, Gallus Derluxes, Miranda Sensorexes, and Kiev rangefinders.

In addition to GAS, we cover controversial topics such as whether it’s better to advance your film immediately after each shot or before the next one, what the best flatbed scanning software is, and whether or not Paterson or Stainless reels are everyone’s favorite.  Of course there’s a lot more, including one of the rarest cameras ever talked about on a Camerosity episode, so be sure to listen through to the end to find out what that is!

In two weeks, we will record episode 22 and will welcome special guest, “America’s Premier Leica Specialist”, Dan Tamarkin from Tamarkin Camera in Chicago, Illinois.  Dan is a huge fan of the show and will be bringing with him a wealth of knowledge about Leica rangefinders and SLRs, so if that’s something that you’d be interested in, be sure to join us at 7pm CDT (UTC -5), 8pm EDT (UTC -4) on Monday, March 21st.

(Note that Daylight Savings Time will start on March 13 in the United States, so the time may be different for you in other parts of the world.)

This Week’s Episode

  • Show and Tell: Theo’s Plaubel Makina IIS
  • Anthony Gets an Olympus XA4 and his Crazy eBay Story
  • King Regula and the History of King
  • Nafis Has a Widelux / Taking Cameras Apart Isn’t the Same As Putting Them Back Together
  • Using Lasers with Rangefinders / Golf Distance Rangefinders / Watameters / Kodak Field Rangefinder
  • Mark’s Tower 24 (Asahiflex IIb)
  • Noblex 135 S Panoramic Camera in Original Box / John Noble / KW
  • Theo’s Valentine’s Nicca IIIS / Tower 45 (Nicca Type-5)
  • The Story of Why Yashica Bought Nicca / Yashica Pentamatic
  • Miranda Sensorex and the 8-Element f/1.4 Soligor
  • Contaxes and Kievs / Ukrainian Cameras / FED 2
  • Frame Spacing on Kiev Rangefinders / Cameras Without Sprockets
  • Advancing the Film Right After Each Shot, or Right Before the Next Shot: A Debate
  • Vuescan vs Silverfast vs Epson Scan: A Debate
  • Paul’s New Nikkor Lenses – 200-600 f/9.5, 55 f/1.2, and 35 f/2.8 PC / Intrepid 8×10 / Fuji GS645
  • Gallus Derlux / Foth Derby / Jon Bought 63 Boxes of Cameras / Arguses Exaktas and a Great Wall
  • Mike Accidentally Buys an Exakta with a Metered Prism and a Biotar and it Works Perfectly
  • Developing on Paterson Reels vs Stainless Reels: Yet Another Debate
  • 3D Printed Custom Paterson Shafts for Developing 116, 122, and 130 Roll Film
  • Fuji Fujicaflex TLR – One of the Prettiest TLRs Ever / What’s Coming This Year on mikeeckman.com
  • MR9/PX625 Battery Voltage Adapters from 1.5v to 1.35v / CRIS Adapters
  • Nafis has one of Six 20×24 Polaroid Cameras in the World / 20x24studio.com

Show Notes

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James Allen – https://www.lomography.com/homes/wv_cactus

Jon Gilchrist – Packard-Ideal Shutter Company – https://packardshutter.com/

Mark Faulkner – https://thegashaus.com/

Theo Panagopoulos – https://www.photothinking.com/

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