Episode 22: Dan Tamarkin Talks Leica

This week on episode 22 of the Camerosity Podcast, we welcome special guest Dan Tamarkin of Tamarkin Camera in Chicago, Illinois to regale us with many tales of his life selling Leicas.  Originally started in 1971 by his father Stan, Tamarkin Camera has been one of the most trusted Leica dealers in the country over the past 51 years, so there is little that Dan doesn’t know or hasn’t seen.

Listen in as Anthony, Paul, Theo and Mike, along with regular guests, Jon Gilchrist, Robert Rotoloni, Mark Faulkner, Nafis Azad, and Mark Peterson join first time callers Andre Domingues and Dan Tree who ask questions and chat about Leica cameras, the company’s rich history and much more.  You may have never thought you needed a hot pink Hello Kitty Leica M3 before, but you will after hearing this episode!  Listen in to hear all the other nonsense we discuss!

Every episode, the topics we discuss on the Camerosity Podcast are decided entirely upon you, so if you’d like to join us, be sure to look out for our next show announcement for Episode 23, which we will record on a special night, Sunday, April 3rd at 8pm CDT (UTC -5), 9pm EDT (UTC -4).

Audio Warning: Once again, I had problems with my own audio this episode.  All of the other guests are fine, but there was an issue with my levels that I did the best I could to correct.  The good news is, I figured out why this keeps happening so I should be able to prevent it for future episodes.

This Week’s Episode

  • Introducing Dan Tamarkin / Reminiscing About Camera Shop Owners and Shutterbug Magazine
  • Repairing Leicas / Finding People to Do It / When Did Patina Become Desirable? / Lenny Kravitz Leicas
  • Customizing Your Cameras / Hello Kitty Leicas / Repainted Kodak Brownie Hawkeyes and Minolta SRTs / Provenance
  • Dan’s Screw Mount and M-series Recommendations / Crazy Ways People Get Leicas
  • Special Edition Commemorative Leicas / Leitz Always Gave People What They Want / Brief Leica History
  • Earlier Leicas Could be Retrofitted with Later Features at the Factory
  • Why Do Leicas Sometimes Expose Images Through the Sprockets on One Side? / Metal Cassettes vs Modern Cassettes
  • Dan Buys Jon’s Rare Viewfinder / 35mm Steel Rimmed Summilux Lens and Goggles
  • SBOOI 50mm Viewfinders / Auxiliary Viewfinders
  • Leica Copies Are Good on a Budget / The Right Camera is the One You Have
  • Leicaflex SLRs Are So Smooth / Beware of the Leica R4…But the Leica R6.2 is Awesome
  • Don’t Shine Flashlights Through Your Lenses / Lens Bubbles are OK
  • Nippon Kogaku Screw Mount Lenses Are Really Good
  • Left Eye Shooters / Rangefinders are Easier to Focus in Low Light if Your Vision Sucks
  • What about Digital Leicas? / Why Leica Doesn’t Make More Lenses
  • Leica D-Lux Compact Digitals / Everyone Needs a Hot Pink Hello Kitty Holga
  • Dan and Paul’s Favorite Leica Code Word

Show Notes

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