Episode 24: Camerosity’s European Vacation

This week on episode 24 of the Camerosity Podcast, we hit the holiday road and travel to a more European friendly time zone to allow more of our British, German, and Belgium listeners to join us!

Along with Anthony, Theo, Paul, and I, first time callers Calum Tilson, John-Michael Mendizza, and Wayne Scheipers joined returning callers Alan Duncan, Nick Lyle, Mark Faulkner, Bill Smith, Larry Effler, and James Allen to discuss a wide variety of topics from Instax to LOMO to Minolta SRTs.  Camerosity GAS struck John-Michael and he bought a Rollei 35, and Calum gets a ton of great tips on camera repair.

Amazingly, we go this entire episode without once mentioning Nikon, Zeiss, Leica, King Regulas, or panoramic cameras (no wait a minute, we did).

Every episode, the topics we discuss on the Camerosity Podcast are decided entirely upon you, so if you’d like to join us, be sure to look out for our next show announcement for Episode 25, which will be recorded on Monday, May 2nd!

This Week’s Episode

  • The Olympus OM-101 is the Worst 35mm SLR Ever Made
  • The LOMO SuperSampler is Like an Even Shittier NIMSLO 3D
  • The Spinner is a 360 Panoramic Camera / LOMO LCA 120 / Nick’s Panoramic Stitching Device / What Beer is Wayne Drinking?
  • The FED 5C Isn’t Quite as Good as the FED 2 / FED Mikron and FED 50
  • Can you Replace or Re-Energize a Selenium Exposure Meter? / Reveni Labs Spot Meter
  • Lomography 4×5 Back for Instax Wide Film / Instax Film Has Terrible Latitude
  • Reddit Thread for Re-Ionizing Selenium Cells
  • NONS Instax SLR / Mamiya Press Polaroid Camera / Why Won’t Fuji Release More Capable Instax Cameras?
  • Ensign Selfix 820 Special / Chroma 679 Uses Mamiya Lenses and Backs
  • Using Laser Measuring Devices for Distance
  • DeMaria-Lapierre Telka III / Royer Teleroy / Horseman 970
  • Minimata Movie, W. Eugene Smith Shoots a Minolta SRT-101 / Tips on Buying SRT-101s
  • Chroma Snapshot Technical Camera
  • Canon Sure Shot Ace Has a Waist Level Viewfinder / Olympus XA Series
  • Recommended Tools for Repairs: Soldering Mat, Good Precision Screwdrivers, Magnified Headband Loupe, Good Spanner, Rubber Lens Grippy Tool
  • Minolta Dynax 7 Needs a 3D Printed Aperture Ring / 3D Printing Replacement Parts
  • What Kind of Resources Are There to Learn Repairing Cameras? / Chris Sherlock’s YouTube Channel / Learn Camera Repair Website / Ask The Experts While They’re Still Alive
  • We Made John-Michael Buy a Rollei 35

Show Notes

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Selenium Cell Repair – https://ian-partridge.com/cells.html

Re-Ionizing Selenium Cells – https://www.reddit.com/r/AnalogCommunity/comments/rrmxtb/how_to_ionize_a_selenium_meter_cell_recipe/

Alan Duncan – https://austerityphoto.co.uk/

John-Michael Mendizza – https://www.jmm-photos.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/jmmendizza/

Calum Tilson – https://www.instagram.com/calum.tilson/

Mark Faulkner – https://thegashaus.com/

Nick Lyle – http://homemadecamera.com/

Bill Smith – https://funwithcameras.blogspot.com/

Theo Panagopoulos – https://www.photothinking.com/

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