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Hey everyone, it is February, and that means I am about to get started with regular reviews and posts again!  Taking January off is a nice break from the constant rigors of shooting, developing, scanning, writing, and posting new reviews.  Plus, where I live going outdoors to shoot film in January isn’t the most exciting thing to do too, so it’s just a good time to take a break.

While I am on that break though, it gives me the opportunity to do some site maintenance which I’ve wanted to do.  This year, I worked on a request that many readers of this site have asked me over the years, which is if there is a way to sort reviews by the rating score I give them.  In each review, there is an HTML table where I assign a score to a camera I shot on a scale based on 0, 1, or 2 points, plus a multiplier based on its age.  This is just a text field that isn’t searchable, but through the genius of some guy on Reddit named u/WorthwhileSubsOnly, he was able to scrape the site and give me a spreadsheet of every review, plus the rating.  I was able to use that, plus a bulk editor plugin to add a rating score tag to each review, which would then allow me to index it.  I tagged each review with the whole number score to make things a bit more manageable.  So for example, two reviews, one which gets a 10.2 and 10.8 score are grouped together as a “10” score.

This method was far easier than manually editing each and every review here, but it still took me a couple weeks to finish, but it is done now and for those of you who’ve always wanted to see a list of just the reviews in which I give a 15 score to, can.  Want to see how many cameras I gave a 2 score to?  (hint, there’s only one and if you know me, you probably know what it is).

Here is a link to the index, but you can always find it using the navigation bar at the top of every page, by going to Indexes, then Rating.  Have fun, and see you guys in a couple days with my first new review of 2024!

Camera Review Index by Rating

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