End of the Brian Urlacher Era


This will be old news pretty quick, but today, the Chicago Bears announced that they have parted ways with Middle Linebacker Brian Urlacher.

It’s not gonna be easy to be on the Internet tonight without reading something or hearing someone saying something about this.

I am sad, but the reality is that athletes can’t play forever.  This day had to come eventually, its just that you always assume its going to be some other day.

I still believe that Urlacher can contribute in the NFL.  Even if he sat in the middle of the field in a wheelchair, he still provides value due to the massive amount of experience and instinct he has.  Even in his later years when Urlacher was slowing down, if you watched most plays, he was aware of what was happening, sometimes even before the offense knew.  There were many plays where Urlacher didn’t get the tackle, but he was there at the end of the play.  He had instinct and knew where to be all the times.  Very rarely could an offense trick Brian.

In the last 13 years, he has done about all that could be expected of an NFL Middle Linebacker.  He epitomizes the legacy of Chicago Bears defense.  Even before this decision was made, Urlacher’s name was spoken with the same level of regard as Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary.  His jersey number 54 will most definitely be retired, and he will be a first ballot hall of famer whenever he becomes eligible.

It’s sad that he never got a chance to hoist the Lombardi trophy in the Superbowl, but at least he got to play in one.  Maybe he’ll get another chance with another team.  Rumor has it that Urlacher was looking for a 2 year deal, so he still feels that he can play and any team who needs veteran leadership for some young LBs would be foolish not to pick him up.  If he does sign with another team and that team happens to play the Bears in Chicago, he will receive a hero’s homecoming, even though his colors will no longer be navy and orange.


I salute you Mr. Urlacher, and thank you! 🙂

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