Ising Puck Gallery Update

Back in October 2017, as part of the 4th edition of my Cameras of the Dead series, I wrote a short review about a compact 127 roll film camera called the Ising Puck.  The Puck was an interesting little camera made by a small German company called Ising, who at the time also produced a variety of photographic accessories.

Dan Arnold’s Ising Puck.

My Puck was in poor shape, with peeling leather and an inoperable shutter.  Although I wasn’t able to shoot it, I thought the camera was unique enough to write about so I put my thoughts down, sans sample images and posted it.

Recently, fellow collector and friend, Dan Arnold alerted me to a nice Ising Puck that he had recently acquired and that he had planned on shooting it.  I asked to see the sample pics when he was done and he was kind enough to send me a couple shots from two different rolls of film.  The black and white images are from an expired roll of Ekfe 127, and the color is from a 46mm bulk roll of FujiFilm Pro160S that he cut down and put onto a 127 spool.

I was really excited to see these images, but now that just means I am going to have to go spelunking into my basement and find whatever casket I have the Puck sitting in.  If I am ever able to revive my own camera, I’ll be sure to update my review, but until then, here are some of Dan’s pics.

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