Episode 16: Eurovision!

We’re back with another episode of the Camerosity Podcast, but unlike other episodes, Episode 16 is our first ever European special in which we record at a different time to be more Europe-friendly, to give people in that region a chance to call in.

Joined by first time callers, Alan Duncan, Peggy Marsh, Dominik Samol, George Griffin, and Warner Grandfield, and returning callers Bill Smith, Skip Williams, Malcolm Myers, and Miles Libak, Paul, Theo and I covered a wide range of topics, from the Purma Special, how to roll your own 127 film, the Berning Robot, why pentaprisms degrade, and a whole discussion on shutter speed dial designs.

As always, the topics we discuss on the Camerosity Podcast are decided entirely upon you, so if you’d like to join us, be sure to look out for our next show announcement for Episode 17, which we will record at our normal time of 7pm CST (UTC -6), 8pm EST (UTC -5) on Monday, January 10th.

This Week’s Episode

  • cameragocamera is not the same as gocamerago
  • Canon Experiments with the Pellix and Canon EX After the Failure of the Canonflex
  • Canon EF, Leica M5 and Other Cameras with Large Shutter Speed Dials That Overlap
  • Fujicarex II SLR has Back Wheel Focus and Aperture Control
  • Olympus OM SLRs and Nikkormat Shutter Speed Rings Around the Lens Mount
  • Theo Buys a Topcon RE Super from Warner / Topcor 58mm f/1.4 Lens
  • Skip Can’t Decide Between the Nikon F, F2, or F3 / We Pick the FM2
  • Alan Hates the Canon EF-M / Manual Focus on Auto Focus Bodies / Nikon F70 and N70
  • The Canon DL-9000 and Other Trashcam/Scameras
  • Mike’s Worst Camera of All Time is the Konica AiBORG
  • The Noblex 135U / Panolux Attachment
  • Domink’s Robot IIa with Tele-Finder 30-150mm / Paul Sold Anthony a Robot Royal 36
  • Robot Lenses and the Robot Stars
  • Other 24mm Square Format Cameras, Zeiss Tenax II, Photavit, and early Altix Cameras
  • George Has Been Using his Olympus OM10 for 38 Years / OM10s Are Good for Their Prisms
  • Why Do Pentaprisms Degrade? / Why Was Foam Used?
  • More Talk About the Olympus OM-10
  • Who Has Shot a Purma Special?
  • How to Shoot 127 Cameras Today / Film Splicers / Bulk 46mm Film
  • Skip Get’s “Making Kodak Film” by Robert Shanebrook for Christmas
  • Peggy’s New Canonet / Canonet 19
  • Bill’s Black Topcon RE2
  • Paul’s Favorite Camera Store in Leeds
  • What Did Everyone Get for Christmas?

Show Notes

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