Episode 20: Community Darkrooms, Subminiatures, and More

This week on the Camerosity Podcast, we’ve reached the 20th episode of the show!  For something that was started completely on a whim, I am amazed at the support and enthusiasm from all of our listeners!  We are officially the fastest growing open source film photography podcast in the world!!!  Anthony, Paul, Theo and myself all really appreciate the positive feedback from you all, so thank you very much!

On this episode, we cover the process of starting a community darkroom with alternative process photographer, Cindy Steiler, some of our tips and tricks for the home developer, we jump very deep into some really obscure subminiature and our favorite 110 cameras, plus a whole lot of other Camerosity related discussion.  Along with Cindy and the regular hosts, we have returning guests Robert Rotoloni, Dwight Anderson, Larry Effler, Michael Kaplan, Jon Gilchrist, Jess Ibarra, and Bill Smith.  Our first time guests are Christopher Paulin, Nick Marshall, and from the Embrace the Grain Podcast, Sherry Christensen.

Every week, the topics we discuss on the Camerosity Podcast are decided entirely upon you, so if you’d like to join us, be sure to look out for our next show announcement for Episode 21, which we will record at our normal time of 7pm CST (UTC -6), 8pm EST (UTC -5) on Monday, March 7th.

This Week’s Episode

  • Everyone Joins the Call / Dwight Anderson has a Camerosity Etsy Store
  • Cindy Steiler’s Community Darkroom in Gainesville
  • People Will Always Pour Fixer into the Developer / Donating Supplies and Equipment
  • Cyanotypes and Alternative Processes / Printing on Fabric
  • How Do You Charge For the Darkroom? / Pay As You Go? / Subscriptions?
  • Tips for Developing Film Yourself at Home / YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  • Developing Color Film is Not Harder than Black and White / There’s Only One Way To Do It
  • Does Anyone Use the Kickstarter Lab Box? / 110 and APS Paterson Reels
  • Only Have One Thermometer or Five
  • If You’re a Beginner, Use HC-110 and Don’t Look at the Massive Dev Chart
  • Paterson vs Stainless Reels
  • Anthony Bought a Nikkormat FT3 Because Jess Told Him To / Nikkor 105mm f/2.5
  • Mike Shits on the Braun Paxette Then Regrets It
  • Paul’s Auto-Nikkor 200-600 f/9.5 Monster Lens / Shipping to Australia
  • The Subminiature and 110 Camera Part of the Show
    • Yashica Atoron Has a Funny Shutter Sound
  • Whoops, Not a Subminiature – Canon AE-1 Squeaks
    • Goerz Minicord
    • Galileo Gami
    • Asanuma Acmel
    • Universal Minute 16
    • Bolsey 8
    • Steky 3A
    • Kodak Trimlite 48
    • Canon 110ED / Kodak K-Batteries
    • Kodak VR K10, K12, and K14 and It’s Lithium Battery
    • Voigtländer Vitoret 110
  • 110 and 126 Film Doesn’t Have a Pressure Plate / Rollei SL26 Instamatic SLR
  • Camera Swap Meets and Shows Are Back / What Can People Expect When Going to These Shows?
  • Always Look in the Boxes Under the Table at Camera Shows
  • Upcoming Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Orlando Shows
  • The Canon T80 is Pretty Fantastic / Carl Zeiss Werramatic / Voigtländer Superb TLR

Show Notes

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Jon Gilchrist – Packard-Ideal Shutter Company – https://packardshutter.com/

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