Episode 23: 20×24 Polaroids, Voigtländers, and Pizza!

This week on episode 23 of the Camerosity Podcast, we finally get a chance to talk to Nafis Azad about his work with large format Polaroids at the 20x24studio in New York.  If you have a hard time picturing what a two foot tall instant photograph looks like, you’re not alone.  Listen in on the history of the 20×24 Polaroid, how it works, and other stories.

Not to be outdone, Anthony, Paul, Theo, and Mike, along with returning guests Mark Faulkner, Howard Sandler, Jess Ibarra, James Allen, and Dan Tree talk about everyone’s favorite Voigtländers, the strangest looking TLRs, and why Soviet cameras often need service, even when new.  Paul shares us with how knowledge of the f/stop system can help you when ordering a pizza, and Mike shares another PSA recommending everyone insure their cameras!

Every episode, the topics we discuss on the Camerosity Podcast are decided entirely upon you, so if you’d like to join us, be sure to look out for our next show announcement for Episode 24, which at this time, we haven’t yet decided on, so stay tuned!

This Week’s Episode

  • Nafis Azad and the 20″ x 24″ Polaroid Camera / 20x24studio in New York
  • How Does Large Polaroid Film Work? / Polaroid 44×80 Room Camera
  • Elsa Dorfman’s Portraits / Who Was Edwin Land?
  • How Much 20×24 Film Is Still Left and How is it Stored?
  • Chuck Close’s Close-Ups / What Lenses are Used?
  • Calculating Exposure and Latitude of Large Format Polaroid Film
  • Maintaining the 20×24 Cameras / Do They Ever Break? / Storing Old Polaroid Photos
  • Voigtländer Vitessa Rangefinders / Voigtländer Zoomar Lenses
  • Jess Ibarra Returns Gets More Testing Stuff / Voigtländer Superb
  • Sugiyama’s Collector’s Guide to Japanese Cameras / McKeown’s Guides / Jason Schneider’s Camera Collecting Books
  • Coolest Looking TLRs, Voigtländer Superb, ANSCO Automatic Reflex 3.5, Fujicaflex, Flexarets, Welta Perfekta and Superfekta
  • Dan Tree Visits the Leica Store in San Francisco and Gets a Water Bottle / The Leica MP / Olympus XA4
  • The Pentax S1a has a Secret Shutter Speed / Argus 21 Markfinder / Voigtländer Vito II / Voigtländer BR / Voigtländer Vitomatic
  • The Rollei 35 is Worth it / Petri Color 35 / Paul’s 8 Point Rollei 35 Rating System
  • Ricoh Hi-Color 35 / Ricoh Put Light Seals Everywhere
  • Mark Beadle Buys an Arax 88CM / Ukrainian Cameras / How Do People Feel About Russian Cameras Right Now?
  • The Plaubel Makina has Strange f/Stops / US Stop System / The f/stop System Helps When Ordering Pizza!
  • Mark Faulkner’s Quick Update on His 3D Printed Spool Extenders / Chris Paulin is the Camerosity Podcast Superfan
  • Were Soviet Cameras Made Rough on Purpose so that they Could Be Fine Tuned Later?
  • Film Spacing Problems are not Unique to Soviet Cameras, Rolleiflexes Can Have Them Too
  • Buy a Demo Model Because You Can Guarantee It Works
  • Anthony’s E6 Home Development Adventures / New Kodak Gold 200 in 120 / New Cinestill 400D Film
  • How Does Everyone Keep Track of their Camera Collection? / Insure Your Collection!!!

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