Episode 37: Camerosity World Cup

Whenever you think of the worlds greatest open source film photography podcast, of course everyone thinks of Camerosity, but when they think of Camerosity, the second thing everyone thinks of is the World Cup!

While this exciting socc…I mean football championship is going on, what better time than for the gang and I to record our third European Time Zone friendly episode!  As we have the previous two times, we pack up our mobile recording studio and hit the road to visit our friends in the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and other areas of the world where everyone is crazy for FIFA!

Theo makes a special appearance direct from Al Janoub Stadium where his beloved Australian team takes on the evil French team.  Joining Anthony, Paul, Theo and I are returning guests Alan Duncan, Wannes Scheipers, and John Michael Mendizza.  In the first time caller category, we have none other than Mr. Kosmo Foto himself, Stephen Dowling, from Turin, Italy, Frederico Quaglino, Peter from Essex, and from Canada, Mike Litwin!

In this episode we talk about flash photography, the state of color film and the film industry as a whole, Anthony’s challenges shooting the NASA Artemis moon rocket, and a whole lot of other GAS sure to inspire many future purchases (fun fact, as I type this, I have already fallen victim to GAS from this very episode, listen to episode 38 to find out which camera I bought!)

As always, the topics we discuss on the Camerosity Podcast are decided by you.  The guys and I rarely know where each episode is going to go until it happens, so if you’d like to join us on a future episode, be sure to look out for our show announcements on our Camerosity Podcast Facebook page, and right here on mikeeckman.com.  We record every other Monday and announcements, along with the Zoom link are typically shared 2-3 days in advance.

If you want to join us for our next episode, we will record Episode 38 on Monday, December 5th.  Be sure to stay tuned for the official announcement!

This Week’s Episode

  • John-Michael Wants 35mm Flash Recommendations / Paul’s Recommendations is Nikon 8008S w/ SB-24 Flash
  • Minolta Maxxum 9 and 9xi have 1/300 Flash Sync / Using Digital to Test for Film Flash Photography
  • Introducing Stephen Dowling and Kosmo Foto
  • High Speed Sync and How It Works / Why Do Focal Plane Shutter Cameras Usually Have Such Slow Flash Sync?
  • Hasselblad and Mamiya Medium Format SLRs Had Leaf Shutters Which Benefitted Flash / Lenses with Shutters in Them
  • The Olympus Pen F Flash Syncs at Any Speed
  • The Minolta Dynax/Maxxum/alpha 7 and Aperture Ring Failures / Minolta’s SLR Control Cards
  • Manufacturers Who Build a Camera Have No Idea How Long They’ll Still Be Working
  • Stephen Dowling is Selling Used Cameras Now / Praktica IV F
  • Olympus Super Zoom IS-Series / Continuous vs Stepped Auto Focus / Chinon Genesis and Canon Futura
  • The Olympus Trip 35 is Very Popular / Metal vs Plastic Button Trips / Date Codes
  • Soviet Cameras that Punch Above Their Wright: Agat 18K / Smena 8 / Smena Symbol / Chaika II and 3
  • Using Braun Paxette M39 Lenses on M39 Zenit SLRs / Flipping Front Elements
  • Olympus FTL M42 G.Zuiko f/1.4 Lens / Olympus Ace Rangefinder
  • Kosmo Agent Shadow Has Been a Steady Seller / Anthony Was a Beta Tester for It / Stephen Personally Mails Every Roll
  • Anthony Bungles the Artemis Launch with Agent Shadow / Simon’s Biggest Bungle / More About Artemis
  • Shooting Rockets with Sound and Light Triggers
  • The Future of Kosmo Foto and Other New Film Emulsions /  Are People Shooting Less Color Due to Prices?
  • Fredrico Hopes that Ferrania Can Save Color Film / Will Film Still Be Made 100 Years From Now?
  • Mike Makes an Idiocracy Joke But No One Gets It / What’s Going On With ORWO and Adox?
  • Recent GAS: Peter Gets a Mamiya C300 / Alan Gets an Amazing Sentex “Pseudo Camcorder” / Voigtländer Superb Alert!
  • Canon Sure Shot XL / Leica M4P / Minox LX – The Highest Featured Last Minox / Ensign Selfix 8-20 Special
  • Paul Gets an Aero-Ektar 178mm f/2.5 Lens / Welta Belmira / Stephen Makes a Margaret Thatcher Joke But Mike Doesn’t Get It
  • Zeiss-Ikon Taxona / Super Ikonta 531

Show Notes

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  1. Mike, that Aero-Ektar must be something of a monster with its f2.8 aperture! My only experience of a Kodak Ektar lens was the well regarded f7.7/203mm for LF. I was gifted one in the mid-1980’s when I was also shooting 5×4. Being designed for 7×5 its covering power for 5×4 was a boon with camera movements in comparison with my f5.6/150mm Symmar-S. It was an exceptional performer overall.

  2. Great Euro show. Nice to hear the international contingent chiming in.

    Also… re: Olympus Trip 35… I’ve been playing around with mine lately and just tried this shutter hack to force the camera into 1/200th, so it gives you at least a little more control over exposure — https://youtu.be/IKK9Tno66dA

    It’s simple and actually works, and here in the relentless microwave-California-sunshine it comes in very handy. A big thanks to you and your team for another gas-inducing podcast.

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