Episode 38: Too Much Pentax for One Episode

When it comes to camera brands that we hear listeners of this show want to hear about, Pentax seems to come up more often than any other brand.  As the world’s number one open source film photography podcast, the guys and I are never ones to deprive the world of what you want to hear, so for episode 38 we devote almost the entire time to everyone’s favorite makers of quick return SLRs, Asahi Pentax!

Joining us on this episode are returning callers, Robert Rotoloni, Hong Joon Lee, Miles Libak, and Mario Paper, and also first time caller, Dave Roberts.  From the earliest Asahiflexes all the way to the Ricoh Digital Pentaxes…  Okay, we never actually made it that far, as it turns out there is far more Pentax talk we could fit into a single episode, so we had to stop at the end of the M42 era.  But for the hour plus we talk about Pentax, there is quite a large amount of Takumar and Pentax love!

Listen to this episode to learn about one of the coolest Pentax prototypes ever made, where did the Pentax name come from, and what the element layouts of many early Takumar lenses.

Although there is a great deal of Pentax info in this episode, we get off track at the very beginning episode talking about 127 cameras, including some of our recent 127 camera pickups and what our favorite recent shooters have been.  No worries though, we eventually pull ourselves out of the 127 rabbit hole and get back on topic.

As always, the topics we discuss on the Camerosity Podcast are decided by you.  The guys and I rarely know where each episode is going to go until it happens, so if you’d like to join us on a future episode, be sure to look out for our show announcements on our Camerosity Podcast Facebook page, and right here on mikeeckman.com.  We record every other Monday and announcements, along with the Zoom link are typically shared 2-3 days in advance.

If you want to join us for our next episode, we will record Episode 39 on Monday, December 19th.  Be sure to stay tuned for the official announcement!

This Week’s Episode

  • Curing COVID-19 With Lens Fungus and Radioactive Takumars / Miles Picks Up a Late Double Stroke Leica M3
  • Who is Shooting 127 on 127 Day? / Mario Loves the Toa Koki Gelto DIII / KW Pilot TLR / KW Pilot Six / KW Patent Etui / KW Praktina
  • Can You Bulk Roll 127 Film? / Bulk 46mm Portrait Film / Zeiss-Ikon Kolibri / Vest Pocket Exakta
  • Was 127 A German Film? / Kodak Created the first Vest Pocket Kodak in 1912 / 127 Eventually Became the Format for Cheap Cameras
  • Pentax Never Made a Rangefinder Camera, They Started with SLRs / Asahi’s Early History / They Were Primarily a Lens Maker
  • Some Takane Mine Six Cameras Have Asahi Lenses / Saburo Matsumoto Created the first Asahiflex
  • Quick Return vs Instant Return Mirrors / Asahiflex M37 Lenses
  • Takumar 58mm f/2.4 Lens, Is It a Heliar?
  • ** College Football Intermission **
  • Gerjan van Oosten’s Ultimate Asahi Pentax Screw Mount Guide / Other f/2 and f/2.2 Takumars
  • Auto Takumars vs Super Takumars / Early Yashinon M42 Lenses are Very Similar to Takumar M42s
  • The Birth of the Pentax / Asahi Had to License the name Pentax from Zeiss-Ikon
  • Mike’s Favorite Pentax is the Pentax K / Only the AP, S, and K Pentaxes Came in Brown Leather Cases
  • Photo Books Are Hard to Find Today / The Cost of Printing is Sky High
  • Differences in the Pentax S and H Models / The Spotmatics Do Not Have a Spot Meter
  • \m/ The Pentax Metalica! \m/ / Coming Up with a Bayonet Mount in the M42 Era
  • The Spotmatics are the Honda Accord of Cameras / You Bought a Pentax to Get the Lenses
  • Anthony Loves the Pentax ES II / More Pentaxes Are Engraved with Social Security and ID Numbers Than Any Other Camera
  • How Good Was the Build Quality of the Spotmatics? / Plastic vs Metal Gears
  • 1963 Pentax Prices Compared to Everyone Else / Journalists Used Nikon, Sports Photographers Used Canon, and Artists Used Pentaxes
  • Mike Get’s Paul in Trouble and Convinces Him to Buy a Nikon S2 at 8:25am / He Then Buys a Contax IIa From the Same Seller
  • Hong Doesn’t Like the Contax IIa / Christopher May Gifts a Black Canon FTb and a Miranda Auto Sensorex EE to Mike
  • Theo Gets a Mamiya 43mm Lens, Viewfinder, and Polarizing Filters / Mario Gets a Steky
  • Use 16mm Microfilm to Bulk Load Films for 16mm Cameras

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